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Old 12-17-2008, 04:56 PM
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Esculas the Mighty is someone to look uptoEsculas the Mighty is someone to look upto

Originally Posted by SPARROW94 View Post
ever since darvin joined...

i thought him as a disciple of jesus...

and took form as a Dawn of Fantasy Moderator

back on topic- im a little confused! i need more descirption of this
well the normal planned mmorpg mode is configured to my knowledge this way

* if your defeated in mmorpg mode as in you lose your capital or starting base you are set 3 days back (im not quite sure the set number of days) *

in the hardcore server idea

* if you lose your capital or main base you are completely defeated and must rebuild your empire *

I think it would add much more depth to mmorpg mode as others agree
and maybe if you can build multiple cities you wont be wiped out if your other cities still stand

i may not have explained this very well for im not darvin or puppeteer lol