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Old 12-08-2008, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Ryan Zelazny View Post
Xbox users will have slight advantages in places PCs don't.
No they don't, the only one that is arguable is the "optimized for" and how much of an impact that will have compared to the performance of a baseline gaming PC.

For example, the Xbox User Interface is quite different from the PC, due to the limited amount of buttons you have to work with, as well as a less-precise control stick vs. a mouse. So we have developed a unique control scheme and a user interface that is unique to the Xbox version and will help players manage their armies much easier.
There are only a few possibilities here. Either you handicap the PC player, ie more work for the same results without any added benefit coming from the greater control. This would kill any sort of tactical depth.
Or you make it so slow it's borderline a TBS that plays out in realtime, this will give the Xbox players a chance to keep up.
There might be more options available, but in the end you just can't level the playing field between a keyboard/mouse combo and a xbox controller.

Also, Xbox users on average have a faster internet connection speed as well, as they are not bogged down by firewalls and other security measures that windows takes.
If you can get a good latency in FPSes there is no reason why you should get any worse in DoF, it's not like the pace are going to be faster in DoF than your average FPS. And firewalls don't really impact bandwith to any great extent.