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Old 11-06-2008, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Jean=A=Luc View Post
There will be no variety. Each faction will have only a single unit called "the fighter". Some factions' fighters will be weaker but cheaper or stronger but more expensive but basically we'll be spamming just that one unit which is going to look like a generic humanoid carrying a sword or potentially some sort of club. It will be difficult to tell because of the low res and bland graphics.

Some Reverie developers have already died of boredom working on this project while others have sunk into deep catatonia or suffered unimaginable mental anguish. I for one eagerly await the release date.
LOL, hehe the that was not at all sarcastic
I also eagerly await that day I want to see some more pictures of the units in battle formations rather than already in battle then we can see the scope and variety of units in armies and such
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