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Old 11-05-2008, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by raving View Post
me: dragon village, meet treebeard ( my huge ent. YES IM NAMING IT AFTER LOTR) treebeard meet dragon village. Now treebeard what do we do when we see a dragon village
treebeard: WE HUGZ IT!!!!
me: what the... NO treebeard dont hug THE DAMN
treebeard: HUUGGGZZZ
treebeard: im done hugging
... dragon village in ruins cause of massive big tree trying to hug them;
me: ... ah well it will have to do. lets go hug some more villages
I lol'd i dont see why not trees seem to me to be the kind of beings to want to hug... but im sure a village could survive the hug.. i mean come on... their not that strong they could accidentally destroy a whole village :/
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