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sky0dragon 07-01-2014 06:43 PM

Bug... a bad one + list of more
you will need to read it all, second day in the game, so go easy on my knowledge here

Langor 07-01-2014 11:46 PM

Thank you for this report. With this report we should be able to replicate this exploit and fix it.

sky0dragon 07-02-2014 04:44 PM

A few more

Stone marking the wrong amount / minute (wish i could get that much)

Forest spirit either not showing or not giving any wood...????

Archers wont shoot at anything right next under the wall, when they are over a wall (unless i order them to attack an individual unit)

about that last one, any way to tell them to attack a full group? instead of a single unit?

ReCoder 07-03-2014 11:45 AM

The wrong amount of resources/minute is a known display bug, as is forest spirits not displaying wood/minute (hopefully these will be fixed in the next patch). As for your question, at the moment there is no way to manually target a group of units to attack, only one at a time. However there is an attack move, try using the attack command and clicking ground near enemies in that area that you can't seem to attack and see if your units will attack them then.

sky0dragon 07-05-2014 09:00 PM

Visual bug
Elven alpine region town
the palisade overlap 3 houses
haven wall ... overlap alot more of them

Incorrent Crown amount?
Made a siege for Dagbor - in the start it said i could get 64 crowns, yet after the siege it only gives 22
Denwall says 63 but the max it gives is 22 (also Denwall shoudnt be worth that much... to easy to siege)
from what i hear this is a solo siege problem... that you are probably informed...

Return to World Map sometimes stay after you left the battle
time stop but the banner in the side will remain until you reload the game

Wrong sound on Elven Magic Guild
when selecting this tree the sound is wrong (sounds like an orc killing something.... or getting an arrow stuck in his throat)

Archers attacking nothing...
either a tree or a broken wall... have gotten close with melee troops to check if its a bugged soldier but they dont react like archers do
- later i will add a video about this bug -

sky0dragon 07-08-2014 10:12 PM

5 Attachment(s)
adding my log files

somehow after by joining a siege i lost 7 rangers level 20...
after checking the rest of that army, i just noticed that 2 of my troops also got downgraded... all the army was level 20... yet 2 bladestorm are now level 12-13
from checking the video my army when in that battle was 51/60... yet that army before joining that siege was a 60/60 (4 treants and the rest level 20 troops)
the video is the same i posted below for the archers shooting at walls
my army after battle was 52/60 (1 was a treant i lost in battle, and looks like 1 other troop even when it didn't join the battle it did return back into my army after it)
has happened a few times that with a 60 army not all of them join battle, bust most of the time they appear back after the siege
the town i siege was Mistra

even one of my unicorns armies (60 unicorns) lost 2 when i don't use them for battle (used one of them a few days ago in a coop, and then replenished and healed all of them, they were both at 60, with the same amount of gold / minute - and both of them have all the unicorns injured from time to time for some reason

also when i logged in today my town didn't had much resources, looked like it stopped making when i disconnected and after the siege my main town had less resources (went to half from the looks of it)

for the units i don't mind having them back, i can make and train them got gold to spare, but please fix this bug... i don't mind losing troops in battles but don't like for them to just banish like that


also noticed the hold fire is not a on/off button in groups
try this
make a group of units
select one of them to hold fire
then select the group (were that unit is included) to hold fire
the first unit that already was on hold fire will change to fire
the hold fire is more like an toggle button...

also if you select a group to attack move, sometimes when removing the attack move it only removes it to 1 unit and not the whole group


adding the video of archers attacking walls
from what i have seen, if i destroy the wall they stop shooting arrows at it
i think, it could be an enemy soldier that is in the wall but doesn't show and cant be hit and by destroying the wall it dies
the problem is that sometimes they attack other things like a tree or a broken wall that was part of the map


vassals resources don't generate
vassals didn't make any resources but gold during the night, unless you enter the town and manage it, it wont start generating resources

also sorry for the videos being choppy (games runs fine at 60 fps, and even looked fine while i was recording, but fraps don't like your game)

sky0dragon 07-10-2014 10:14 AM

About resources generation, looks to be a server problem

this was near the end of my play last night (i gained some more resources and spent some of the gold on that image)

this was 12 hours later

i believe it didnt generate anything... or very little at all
and because i wasnt connected, i get to believe its server side

* 1 hour later, (at this time i had spent and moved some gold, but didnt touch any of the other resources)
got my first crash during a siege of Illas Tiltos
resources also got lost


if you need my logs again let me know...

sky0dragon 07-11-2014 12:21 PM

5 Attachment(s)
Main town making almost nothing when i am offline
and vassals only make gold

my town resources (i sold everything i had and moved the gold to see how much it was making)
and 14 hours later

have 72 warden/forest spirits and was working fine days ago

*adding my last logs to this post


if someone could check that and probably the rest i posted here... and maybe give me an answer... you know... to know you are listening

Langor 07-11-2014 01:31 PM

Yes I hear you. Ill be going through everything today. You will have an update shortly.

Also, awesome reports. It is much appreciated!

sky0dragon 07-11-2014 02:46 PM

Enchanters missing stance on battles (it shows up when they are in my city but in battle you cant choose the stance, so they are always aggressive)


thanks for the reply, i will keep posting what i find

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