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EnglishPlayer 05-18-2014 06:53 PM

Lag and those playing on server time.
I've noticed that even after the pathing patch that i still suffer from quite a bit of lag when i move units and such. I noticed its particularly bad when i pvp. I notice that not a lot of people complain about it anymore, and when i posted asking about it several months ago people didn't know what i was talking about and i was asked about my hardware/connection etc.

Now my hardware isn't bad, i built it myself with all the fun stuff. I'm not saying its a monster of a gaming machine, but i can run a lot of those AAA title games on high settings. As for my connection, well i play a lot of multi player games and i always get zero lag, in fact- out of any game i play, i only ever lag on DoF.

Where is this all going? Well it hit me the other day. When i made the suggestion for the server clock i stated myself that reset for me was at 5PM on the west coast. So I'm thinking, my lag is a result not due to the game itself/hardware/connections, its because the server is located fairly far away.

TL;DR, for those of you who play closer to the server (your reset time is at 0:00/12:00AM) do you guys suffer from any lag while playing this game? And does this mean that i will never get to play this game lag free due to where i live? :C

oldguy 05-26-2014 10:09 AM

lag in most pvp and co op is terrible again just because its not posted on forums dosent mean its not happening

same as you EnglishPlayer me and my friends who play have good set ups and lag was almost gone a few months ago so its not our systems that's the problem

with unit loss bug, even whole armies to some players and the lag back again can see why the online figures have dropped so much, 10 to 40 online with 40 being quite rare now

I play in Europe but friends playing in the usa have the same problems with co op and pvp

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