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Hazzadee 04-23-2014 12:19 PM

Bug with Online campaign - Elves
Hello there devs!
I have an interesting problem.. And i'm not sure if you have had it before, but long story short on the online quests for the Elves there is one that has the description

"Increase your army to 3 battalions of rangers or sentries"

Under which my game has

"Completed! Talk to Norharas."

as I have completed the objective (I actually have a larger army of around 5 rangers and 3 sentries). However, that's not the problem, the problem is there is no way I can interact with Norharas to complete the quest objective, it simply has a big orange ! above his head.. Which isn't much use!

Problem is, it doesn't stop there, for some reason (perhaps linked?) only my hero is in my city when I enter the world map screen and none of my army is accessible to add to or create an army outside of my home city. Consequently, i'm stuck with an uncompletable quest and an army that can wander around my pretty forest and observe the scenery.

Before you may ask, here are things I have tried;

- Restarting my computer/the game
- Adding and removing all/some of my units and my hero to the garrison and trying all combinations of that
- Building the units again to make sure the quest is complete
- Moving my hero next to Norharas so that they can talk
- Clicking on Northaras and experimenting the garrison button etc
- Shouting 'boo' in an attempt to scare the quest into working
- Cursing at Norharas (so far ineffective)

I hope you can get back to me soon as! I'd like to be able to complete this quest and create movable armies on the world map! I can provide screenshots as necessary and on request
Thanks in advance,

vicious666 04-23-2014 06:05 PM

need name of your account, and name of city for run an investigation :)

Hazzadee 04-24-2014 10:22 AM

Hello there!
Don't worry anymore, for some reason when I left it a day and changed my graphics card over it decided to complete and become interactive again.. However I suppose it's best thing bug is looked into to prevent more people from having the same issue, as I suppose not everyone will be able to change their graphics card over to fix a bug! My prediction was that it needed to have my computer restarted again after trying everything, and something fixed it, perhaps the fact I made a new town? Unsure though, still need my details?

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