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Sirral 03-16-2014 01:52 AM

RIP ( Rest In Peace) Alliance
Welcome to RIP: Rest In Peace

We offer many things to new recruits as they are starting out such as advice, resources, and other needs to help new members grow fast!

We also have a few simple rules:
1. Don't intentionally attack another alliance member.
2. Do not spam the alliance chat.
3. Do not beg for crowns out of Alliance Bank.
4. Be an active loyal member.

We are currently one of the most powerful and active alliances in Dawn of Fantasy and grow stronger everyday.

To join whisper Lord_Adrian or TheAlejandro while in game.

Other Questions maybe asked:
1.Do you accept all races? YES, We accept all races Human, Elves, and Orcs.
2.Is the alliance PvP active? Yes, every one of our members loves a good fight!
3.Do you role play? No. We have not picked up any kind of role playing
4. Will you help me siege towns in Co op? Yes! we encourage all our members to help each other to get stronger!
5.What happens if I am inactive for a while or can't be on for a while? If you can't be on for a while just let someone in the alliance know so you won't be kicked.

Feel Free to ask any other questions! Hope to see you in game!

- Sirral3

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