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MajorTwitch 03-15-2014 04:02 AM

Just burns my soul: siege of Dagbor
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OKAY so talk about my siege Dagbor, or really failure of siege:
Crashed every time during the siege, one siege was over 30 minutes and the last run was under 20, I heard victory and the game crashed with no capture on reboot.
Every time I entered the battle field it spawned one unit in each of the outer most gatehouses. Were dead or about dead once the choose siege camp cut scene was over. This resulted in an unavoidable lost of four 20L Grand Master and one 20L sentry(hero survived it once).
Also all units transferred to the sieging army were lost as soon as the siege was started. Units were in army, but did not show on field of battle and were not in either army after reloading. At first I thought I just did not transfer the units. So that was a loss of twelve 5L female wardens, two 11L rangers, and three treants.
About ready to quit game. Other then that capital siege seems a little easy? I took out Makkada solo with army strength 514 and ended with strength 1100. That bar gave me about 20% win chance...
Have no idea if those are the right logs but it is something.

Wilffio 03-15-2014 05:25 AM

you produce a new log everytime you log on the game, so if you logged on the game quite a few times after the bug has happend, then yes they are correct otherwise we suggest you to attach all your logs if you in doubt.


Konstantin Fomenko 03-17-2014 06:38 PM

Sorry to hear about this terrible experience. I can say after Patch 24 B - it`ll get much better.

1) Missing Units problem - this is being fixed. The problem especially effects elven Female Wardens right now.

2) You can skip the cut-scene with Space, to get to your units first so that siege weapons won`t destroy them. I know this is also something we need to fix - we`ll problem make your units take no damage during the cut scene - also fixed in the next patch.

3) With the Crash - we have a very good idea what`s causing this - and will not release the next patch until this is fixed - however - this but should not happen every time.

4) Capital Sieges might seem a bit too easy now - it won`t be the case after we release Empire expansion in April - at that point it won`t be AI but real players defending the town.

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