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drofzz 02-19-2014 01:21 PM

Getting an overview of Peasant tasks
so there is an icon when playing as human, to select all Peasants.. but it only seem to select the first 16 units, however i know i got more working peasants, working all arround the base..
i was wondering if there was a way to get a better overview of my peasants, so i know how many i got working on specific tasks, and so on?

this really anoys the heck out of me, as i can't control my units very well.

Langor 02-19-2014 01:53 PM

Hello drofzz,

Currently the maximum amount of selected units is 16. If you need to see how many units are tasked to what resources go to the world map and select your city. Then inside the bottom left corner of the UI select the hammer to see your peasant units. They will be sorted by tasking's. If you need to find the ones that are not doing anything create an army with the idle units and then send them back into town. They will be at the entrance of your city awaiting orders. Hope this helps.

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