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Xavarion 02-15-2014 02:07 AM

Anybody there?
I am starting to wonder if anyone plays anymore. For a few days now both my former alliance and friend list shows nobody online. So either I have managed to get on a butt ton of ignore lists or something is wrong.

Not to be a total naysayer, but the dev team may want to put their noses to the grind stone and fix whatever it is that seems to have turned away so many players.

I have been reviewing older posts from years ago and it has inspired me to run one of my city slots with minimal elite units in the hopes of getting the old feel of the game back. I believe the departure from that old army vs army (vice army melted by wizards/dragons) may be the root of a potentially failing customer base.

Ultimately I just don't want to see a game that I am enjoying die due to over ambition with expansions. For example, navies. There is a city sitting in the sea with no means to reach it, yet we have wizards which have split the player base as far as opinion goes. Then again what purpose would a navy serve when only one city is untouchable without one? Maybe just take that particular load screen out of the rotation.

Anyone else seeing fewer people or is it that my main army is too strong to find a coop. 2197 before you ask.

Wilffio 02-15-2014 04:41 AM

The player number is going down again ... it will rise again with the new patches and the new expansion coming up! it's sad to see but that's how it works for us right now.


Konstantin Fomenko 02-15-2014 11:02 AM

The player population always goes up and down after a sale, this time was the longest period of time most players played the game. And these days we have around 1,000 players log in each day, with around 100 online at once. If you don`t see anyone in the Social online tab - that`s odd, maybe a bug.

And yes - we are aiming to bring back the massive army feel, with Wizards, Dragons, Heroes only being support units.

anghelitus1 02-17-2014 03:44 AM

Hope u still have players to play when u manage to do this.
small fix patches would keep the players still playing. the gmae is not so stable to just wait for a big patch to spice thing up. we need a playable game that dont crash and dont lag and can rely on the crown and resource we have and dont vanish after a battle or login.
players have a limit to the time and patience they can waste with one game.

ReCoder 02-17-2014 08:09 PM

Patches are usually released weekly and as far as updates go, that's pretty fast. Lots of other games release larger patches every month or every two months instead of small groups of changes each week. Sometimes we spend more time and prepare a big patch while still releasing smaller patches.

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