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Xavarion 02-07-2014 01:50 AM

The "Wizard Debate" solution
I am personally getting tired of hearing about wizards and the thrashing they delivered prior to 23B. Even now with 1 of each stacking their AoE spells, they can melt an unprepared adversary. The lose of crowns and gold is regrettable, but cry me a river it's make believe currency. A solid Makkada coop raid can garner 80+ crowns and 300k+ gold and doesn't take all that long. The biggest issue is the lag, which the devs say the are working on.

Rant over here's my solution; a unit that is specifically designed to kill wizards. Fast, magic resistant, hard hitting. Down sides would be low s/b/p resists and perhaps a low Hp cap so it would need an escort.

Too offensive? Then I'll steal another person's idea (name eludes me) and propose a second unit idea. An antimagic unit that can nullify spells that are cast. So the wizard can start his spell, but this unit would be able to cancel it early. Much like the Extinguish spell, but for active wizard spells. This keeps the game quite fair insomuch as both the attacker and defender have to think strategically on how to use their wizard/antiwizard

As an aside; limiting elites in armies = good idea. So you have to mix things up? Oh noes! Get over it.

ReCoder 02-07-2014 06:15 PM

Thank you Xavarion for this post, it is very well put together and addresses a lot of the things people complain about in a much better light. I'll try to bring this up during our next meeting.

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