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Disgust 02-05-2014 04:01 AM

Orcy orcs whats your resource cap?
So i just built my last building, got plenty of space left (forest orcs) but cant build anymore anywhere so my guess is im at the building cap.
160 buildings total (i counted them twice) :)

Anyhow the resource cap is where my problem lies, 31150 :eek: isnt this a bit low?

Wilffio 02-05-2014 04:33 AM

build more wargpens :) instead of huts

Rouke 02-05-2014 05:49 AM

Do warg pens increase capacity? Mind...Blown. I was worried I just had a problem with my swamp orcs but I find their city capacity a bit limited as well from how I remembered my elf city holding resource. I could just be tripping though.

Brian Shingles 02-05-2014 07:11 AM

Home cities currently start with 8,500 rescap, 160 huts would only add 16,000 to rescap, plus any bonuses from Traits and Techs.

These are subject to change, but currently Orc buildings provide this much storage/resCap:
Huts, Pyre, War Hall and Ogre Pit = 100
Goblin Tents = 200
Armoury, Warg Pen and Temple = 400
Guild Hall = 500

Warg Pens are usually the best option to build as they give high rescap and produce all those Wargs

Diarmuhnd 02-20-2014 07:06 AM

i`m relativly new still to DoF, but i have been playing the orcs mostly.

Currently im sitting on 65,000 storage, and i`ve still got a small ways to go to hit the new building cap. I could have maximised my storage for a larger storage capacity, but i went with what i thought was pleasing to the eye. Only built 50ish huts in startegic locations to harvest wood and remove trees from firing arcs of defensive seige. My city core is multiple (x2 - x5) t5 army buildings and tech with only 4 huts for esthetic reasons. Directly outside the walls is a layer of hutts and warg pens due to their low hieght and abilty to raise to t5 for max fire resists. After that, just went crazy with Guildhalls, even going so far as getting one ontop of a mountain. and i mean alot of guildhalls. they have 2ok health, and are a great source of spreading fires for the enemy to flee from or die. Not to mention if you take carefull note of the placement of spke trap locations you can turn some of those areas into a funnel zone that can force enemy units over those traps and since there between buildings, a blind attacking commander may not notice them. But they are expensive and building 30+ guildhalls is not for those who lack patience :) Oh one note, a wilely cammander could use them for cover... but once its on fire... thats a diferent story.

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