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ReCoder 02-01-2014 05:18 PM

FAQ - Tech Edition
Hey guys I was thinking that in order to reduce the number of redundant questions asked I would create a common knowledge base here! Be sure to suggest anything I should add below! Now let's get started!!!

Quick note:
Red for Orcs only
Green for Elves only
Blue for Humans only
Orange for everyone
Combination of two races

Q: Help! I can't build Fortress walls!
A: First off, make sure you've built your palisade walls already, that's a requirement. Secondly, have you researched the Scroll of Construction at the Temple? Also be sure to check if you have enough crowns. If you meet all of these different criteria give it a couple hours in case palisades aren't quite done. At this point contact a mod or dev for further technical assistance.

Q: Oh noes, I can't make stone walls! (Humans and Elves)
A: Elves, make sure you go to your Settlement -> Engineering Menu -> Stone Citadel Apotheosis, you should now be able to build them (you don't need wooden walls). Humans make sure you have built a blacksmith. From the blacksmith click on "masonry" and you should now be able to build your stone walls (wooden walls not required).

Q: How do I make an army? What do the different camps do?
A: To make an army click the world map button and then select your city. From there you will have a button to create your army. To put units or resources into your army click on a units portrait or on the resource portrait corresponding to what you want. Higher level camps provide more defense and increase your army strength.

Q: How do I delete a unit, I don't want it anymore.
A: To delete a unit put it in an army (see above) and then click the "discard" button from the army interface. You can then select your units and resources you want to get rid of.

Q: Where did my crowns go?
A: Currently there is a bug that causes crowns to disappear at times, if this happens let a mod or a dev know and you will be reimbursed!

Q: Oh no! My resources disappeared! Help!
A: Similar to the above problem, let a mod or dev know what happened and you will be reimbursed.

Q: My army is gone! What happened!?!?
A: Many other players have experienced this so fear not, the devs and mods are here to reimburse your losses.

Q: Can my pop go over 50? 90?
A: While to many players this may seem silly, we get this question a lot. Humans have to research ____ at their town hall in order to go over 50, Orcs and Elves don't have this restriction and can go right to the current cap of 90 pop.

Q: How do I PM someone in the game?
A: A simple problem with a simple solution my friend, simple type /w name yourmessage

Q: My siege ally said he could see me moving but I couldn't see him doing anything, help?
A: Sorry to say but you guys are experiencing a desync error! You're gonna have to win this one on your own.

Q: Why can't I build any buildings?
A: Because Orcs build their own buildings wherever they want, they have a building cap to prevent too many buildings from being built. The exact number of buildings that you can have is 220.

Q: My game is really laggy but i have a good computer, what's going on?
A: This game has a number of performance errors that are being worked on, the worst tend to come up in PvP. If you experience this try downloading their client from here: If this doesn't fix it don't worry, the devs are hard at work to fix this.

Q: Help my unit portrait is gone and I can't control anything!
A: To fix this you simply have to relog, let a dev or mod know what happened and they'll pay for your losses.

Q: When does my timer start counting down?
A: The timer begins to count down when you have completed half the quests, completed your walls, or been in 10 PvP or PvE battle instances (excluding quests).

Q: Is there a limit to the number of armies I can have? I can't make more.
A: Yes, there is in fact a limit to your armies. You can have 5 armies of 60 pop each, but you can purchase a army slots 6 - 10 from the market.

Q: I referred a friend but didn't get my rewards!!!
A: Make sure you check your spam folders and that your friend entered everything 100% correctly, don't forget that the email can take up to 24 hours to be sent. Otherwise we can't help you, sorry!

Q: Why can't I co-op with my friend?
A: Make sure your armies are within 10% of each other in strength and your armies need to be in adjacent regions. Your partner also has to not have protection on, if this still doesn't work try switching the person who is inviting or adjusting your army strengths to be closer together.

Q: I didn't get crowns for winning or losing a battle, I want them!!!
A: This is a desync issue, let a mod or dev know what happened and how many crowns you should have gotten and you'll be reimbursed.

Q: People keep talking about daily rewards, what's that and how do I get mine?
A: The daily reward button can be found in the crown market, which can be accessed by a button in the lower right corner of your screen. In the bottom right area of the market screen you should be able to see the "Daily Reward" button. Simply click that and it will be sent to your bank.

Q: I bought a unit in the market but it didn't appear?
A: In the crown market (more about that above) purchases are stored in your bank to be deployed when you want to. To access your bank click on the "bank" button in the upper left corner of the interface and then select the units/resources that you want to deploy and click the deploy button. Make sure you have enough free supply though!

Q: What does being in a alliance/trade agreement with another city mean?
A: Currently being in an alliance with a city has no more benefits than having a trade agreement with a city, however, when you have allied all 28 of the cities (excluding Silicia Mas which is unreachable until the naval expansion which is TBA) you get the achievement "King of the Worlds". Being in a trade agreement allows you a quick way to heal, a quick way to level your units, a way to trade resources, and buy units from any of the factions.

Q: Where can I get good loot?
A: While most players would say you can get a ton of loot from a NPC siege you may not be ready to take one on. If that's the case then check this post out and you'll find some easier places to farm (excluding Sssilistra, that area is endgame)

Q: What are units max levels?
A: Normal units max is 20, heroes 50, dragons 60, and wizards 100.

Q: Why is my army losing gold?! Help!
A: Armies can only store gold up to their storage limit, then it starts getting stolen just like in your city. To increase storage in an army add ogres/carts/treeants for maximum increase, other units carry significantly less.

Q: My Dragon/Wizard died, will it come back to life?
A: Fear not noble warrior, luck is on your side. All Dragons, Wizards, Elite units, or any unit that has "immortal" in the unit status icon can never permanently die. However, when it runs out of life it loses levels. If it was only level 1 the only way to revive it is to pay for a healing at a town.

Q: Why can't I put more than one type of elite unit/dragon/wizard in my army?
A: With the addition of patch #23b armies are restricted to one of each type of elite, for example, one of each type of wizard and one of each type of dragon. However that goes over the army cap of 60 so it wouldn't be possible to have that army.

ReCoder 02-01-2014 05:18 PM

Reserved for more space

ReCoder 02-01-2014 05:21 PM

Reserved for more space (just in case I need 90k charachters :p)

Hi11Zone 02-01-2014 05:22 PM

You stole the idea right out of my head. Amazing! I'll just add to it :P

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