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Langor 01-29-2014 04:14 PM

[Suggestion] Protection/AFK
Hello all. A few suggestions for the PvP protection timer and AFK users.

1. When in dialog/cutscenes/NPC villages make a temporary PvP Protection timer. I am getting reports people don't have time to click fight because of this and are having to do Pay Outs.

2. When logging in you should get a temporary 15 minute PvP protection timer. This gives the player the ability to get resituated. Also, to have time to work on their economy and spend resources before having to enter a battle without feeling rushed.(Its about 19 minutes I tested it)

3. AFK timer. After a user has been away from the keyboard and have not made any actions after 30 minutes disconnect them from the server. By being able to stay logged on can leave a player vulnerable to multiple pay outs to another player who finds this player AFK and leaving him/her defenseless. (Pay out protection timer is short) Also, this will decrease server usage during peak times and makes it so people can't stay logged in just to earn resources. 30 minutes is more than enough time for the average user to take a break and come back to the game without logging out.

4. Have an auto AFK message if you get a whisper and you have been away from the keyboard for more than 10 minutes.This way a user isnt feeling like he is being ignored.

Thanks for reading, any suggestions or comments are welcomed.

ReCoder 01-29-2014 04:30 PM

As far as I know when logging in you get 1 hour of protection, when I logged in to my human city after protection had ran out I was wondering why I hadn't been attacked and I had around 45 minutes left of a protection I didn't have the previous night. Not sure if that was a bug or a feature though!

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