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Mr. Abysmalyxia 01-29-2014 01:25 AM

Economic Raider/Market Mini-Game
Elves by default would have a default and robust economy due to their magic and alchemy.

Humans and Orcs though would vie for economic power through Raiders and Caravans.

Uninterrupted Humans would, through Caravans, be able to have a powerhouse and dominant economy that would truly tip the scales in their favor.

Except for the Orcs who view such things as easy pickings.

While a player is logged in and playing their Caravans and Raiders activate.

At the market humans create Caravans. They designate how many horse carts, how many guards, and any one hero they want to send along. They then determine which city the Caravan will crawl back and forth from.

At the Raider Camp Orcs create "Raiding Parties". They designate however many units to send along as well as any one hero. They then determine which human zone the Raiding Party will wander around in.

The population cap for Caravans is 10, the population cap for Raiders is 5.

Behind the scenes the machine calculates the odds of the Caravan being discovered based on the type of units in the raiding party, the size of the Caravan, and the distance the Caravan has to travel.

Typically the Caravan will get through safely.

In the event the Caravan is discovered it draws both parties into a map with fog of war.

The Human player must either kill the raiding party or remain undetected for X minutes.

The Orc player must find the caravan and destroy as many horse carts as he can. The Orc player can close the map out at any time (i.e. flee).

ReCoder 01-29-2014 12:29 PM

I would have heavy fog apply in swamp areas, lighter fog in forest areas, and very light fog in desert/plains areas, and have the payout change depending on what area the caravan has to go through, swamp being low payout, forest being medium, and desert/plains being high. And rather than remaining undetected, just avoiding losing a caravan unit. The caravan itself should progress automatically to an exit point unknown to the raider, but you control the military and have to protect it from the raiders. If all the caravan units die, you automatically lose, if you only lose, say 2/5, you still get 60% of the normal payout.

ReCoder 01-29-2014 12:34 PM

Also, caravans traveling farther would have different increases in payouts depending on what regions they travel through.

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