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Nekrage 01-27-2014 03:12 PM

The change progression needs!
I posted this on the steam forums and I got a lot of requests to post it I did. we go.

The way the game is currently designed puts a big hole in what progression is supposed to do.

Currently as you progress, level up your units, and create a bigger and better army your ARMY STRENGTH RATING increases. The number determines who you face up against when you pvp. This allows for some "fair" (not really) fights, because you will only be facing players around your same army strength rating.

Now dont get me wrong, having a system in place that stops insanely strong armies from demolishing smaller ones is great BUT this system also puts 2 major problems into play.

1. You now have to balance how much army strength rating each unit gives and how much it increases when they level. Currently I think this system is completely unbalanced.

For instance: A level 9 dragon = 103 army strength rating.
8 Marauder Archers 1 level 10, 4 level 9's, 1 level 8, 1 level 7, and 1 level 4 = 97 army strength rating.

Umm I can almost assure you that those 8 archers will DEMOLISH that dragon 9 times out of 10.

So as you can see...the system allows players to look for the best way to keep their army strength rating low, while still being insanely strong.

Ok on to the next, and in my eyes the worst problem.

2. Everyone loves progression in games, it can make or break games. Games without leveling and rpg elements can feel kind of bland. Fortunately DOF does have a progression system, but it has a pretty major flaw.

With the current army strength system, it becomes nearly pointless to increase your military strength beyond a certain point. Increasing your military strength feels awesome, it lets you perform better in pve environments, BUT it does nearly nothing against other players due to the fact that you are going to be placed against tougher opponents.

As I have stated above, having a system that stops pros from demolishing weaker armies is great, but I think it could be done a lot better in order to make progression a definitive thing.

THE SUGGESTION: Drop the army strength rating and add a league system, now before you flip out thinking this will split up the player base or something, hear me out.

With this league system you can have about 4 leagues.

When I speak of the basic units trained in town, I speak from an Orc perspective, its all I really know)
League 1 = Basic units, siege units. MAX LEVEL = 5 (Level 10 for hero) on each unit. No dragons, no ogres, no mounted units, no wizards, no additional heroes. Nothing that can be trained outside your normal town PERIOD.

League 2 = Basic units, siege units, mounted units, ogres, dwarven units, additional heroes. MAX LEVEL = 10 (15 for heroes)

League 3 = Basic units, siege units, mounted units, dwarven units, additional heroes, dragons. Everything but wizards. MAX LEVEL = 15 (20 for heroes)

League 4 = Basic units, siege units, mounted units, dwarven units, additional heroes, dragons, wizards. Maximum Level for all units.

Units will stop leveling once you hit the cap of your league, a small symbol can be added to the icon of the unit to let you know that this unit will no longer level in the current league.

You must purchase a league upgrade(with crowns?) when you wish to go to the next league.

If you are defeated in a pvp match, you will be knocked down 1 league. Elite units and heroes will be knocked down to the MAXIMUM LEVEL of the new league you were demoted to. If you are demoted to a league where you can no longer use some of the units you still possess, the units are moved to your bank, you can withdraw them when you progress into the league that unlocks them.

When you PARTICIPATE in a pvp battle, you earn 2 hours of protection for a win, and 6 hours for a loss(to allow you to rebuild your army). This protection can be removed at will.
(These values may need adjustment.)

I believe having a system like this would greatly improve the need/want to have the best of the best. A player could choose to stay within a lower league and maximize everything before he chooses to progress further.

Having a pvp protection timer in place after battles will stop players from being attacked and knocked into an even lower league just because the player was unprepared due to his recent battle.

This system would also introduce new units at a gradual rate, rather than having access to ALL units at once. Players practice pvp with what they have, get used to their units, create a strategy, then progress when they are ready. They get new units, and go through the process of leveling/learning again, maxing out in your current league, pvping a bit, then moving up a league once more.

A MUCH easier thing to implement.
Suggestion 2: Dont have unit levels increase army strength rating.

Start out by nerfing how much each level increases a units stats. Instead of awarding 3 stat points, award just 1 per level. This way a level 20 is not INSANE versus a level 1 of the same unit.

This would allow those who spend time/money increasing their unit strength to gain the upper hand in a pvp match. Progression becomes a useful thing to do for pvp.

Langor 01-27-2014 03:13 PM

Thanks Nekrage, when I get off work I would like to make a reply to it. I love creative thinkers! :cool:

Nekrage 01-27-2014 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by Langor (Post 85307)
Thanks Nekrage, when I get off work I would like to make a reply to it. I love creative thinkers! :cool:

Lol creative thinker huh? Thats a first! Its a stretch but I think this would allow for a very unique and balanced way to play.

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