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Kire 09-09-2009 05:26 PM

Capital city in mmo
I dont know if there are any capitals jet...

It would be nice that each faction- humans, elves and orcs, should have in mmo their own npc controlled "capital city".
It would be big and well fortified so if ppl (other factions, not the one that is city) would want to win an attack would have to be well armed and at least around 6-10, but can also more. But the ppl of same faction could also come defend it.

There would be time limit in order to win an attack.
So if attackers win they get 3-4-5x money as soldiers cost that were attacking (this would reduce slacking armies - sending just few in order to just get reward).
If defenders win they get, beside 1-2x money as the cost of their defending soldiers, also some points. Depending on this points ppl can get some bonuses to trade for cheap with capital or getting some reinforcements if attacked or some special title or extra hero or a capital guild house which allows you to build around max 10 capital champions....

Here could also be some faction events like medieval turnirs or mage duels and stuffs.
And each month there is elected new king or just the grand defender of that region/faction which get some extra resources, the one with most points (attacking would be just to get lots of money) would become that. But if he would loose capital while he is defender he would need to pay some money for repairing.
This person could also create a guild of his dedicated helpers (around 10), which than get upgrade hero - better armor, each kill he do gives money....). When defender is changed at end of the month (cuz he cant get points while there), the helpers stays but the new one can keep them or replace. if you are replaced than hero goes into normal mode.

If city is destroyed than it has 1-2 days or whole weak to be rebuild (you can send some money and get points in order to help rebuild faster).

I also heared there will be different regions for same faction.... Maybe would be capital city for every region.

There is also one problem that i didnt find solution. This is, what if 10 ppl are attacking and than comes 100 to defend it. The question is how to balance things up and how to put so numbers wont be 1000 players vs. 1000 =) and balanced sides (less defenders ofc cuz they have also capital).
One solution would be to set limit based on number attacking ppl. And also how to arrange the fight so defenders will know when will help be needed and to come to defend in time, before the capital is destoryed (or would be just like at warhammer online that war call =P).
(maybe each reinforcements would come by ships to the city port and than from there you would bring your army to the walls ....)

There were also other things but damn i dont remember them atm =P.
So how do you like this ?=)

Darathor 09-09-2009 05:51 PM

The idea seems neat and would promote more racial guilds than multi-racial ones. There could be a set amount of people attacking and defending the capital. Like 10 attackers perhaps, and about 8 or so defenders(the capital has a large npc army and is on a high difficulty. The city would have to be huge enough to have 4-5 defenders on the walls outside the castle and protecting the gates. The idea to have the best player of each race command it is... unique. But would the commander just control that city as well as his other cities and armies, or would he be switched over to controlling the giant capital city and army? OR, would the capital city be the player's own city? If a player gains his race's capital city, wouldn't one of the perks be the ability to not be attacked by his own race? That would be neat.

sneaky_squirrel 09-09-2009 06:10 PM

From my point of view, this would just be a big lag fest (That's right, I have a voice and an opinion XD).

Although it would be nice to be able to run A LOT of cities if you can afford them that is (Each one you conquer makes the next one even more expensive), so there could be lime an "evil empire" and the small countries must unite forces against it, plus it would be nice to have outposts (You could choose between a city and an outpost (Much cheaper but a lot less defensive and easily overtaken).

Kire 09-09-2009 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by sneaky_squirrel (Post 17884)
From my point of view, this would just be a big lag fest (That's right, I have a voice and an opinion XD).

Thats why a limit of ppl is a must, but on other hand if there are 10000 ppl playing and giving only 4 ppl chance to defend it just suck. Dont have solution for that x.x

To Darathor:
I was thinking just he would have the hero of grand defender/king and some extra bonuses and maybe just can build his guard house there, which produce your guard champions (around 10 and they are spell immune and even if he is not online they are there, as is also king/ grand defender in capital- afc if you are online you can move them out but always when ofline they are in capital). The problem at player controled capital is that ppl are not all the time online. I prefer tho most NPC controled one =), so grand defender must bring his own army (beside those 10 and king he already have there) (and if it is solution for a limit of defenders and attackers than grand defender would have priority for a spot).

Oh and forgot.... if enemies win or defenders, they also get some xp for survived soldiers.

This would bring also some RP action, you know... the ones loyal to "king"-helping defend, enemies and others... =)

Generation 09-09-2009 07:03 PM

i wonder how the clan system is going to work though well we shall see soon :D

sneaky_squirrel 09-09-2009 08:27 PM

Loved the immune to magic idea, maybe there could be "holy" type units which are more expensive, have a small limit but are immune to magic ;p.

MrBlack103 09-09-2009 10:28 PM

IMO very few units should be immune to magic, but making a select few very resistant might be appealing.

Kal Torak 09-09-2009 10:37 PM

I think all units should resist magic, some very strongly some not so much, in a focus of course (like rock golem 97% immune to fire and water spells) Elves natural 50% immunity to spells that involve stuff like trees, bushes and weeds and their beloved little sheep.

Kire 09-10-2009 07:46 AM


Originally Posted by MrBlack103 (Post 17928)
IMO very few units should be immune to magic, but making a select few very resistant might be appealing.

Thats why i said limit is around 10 (this is little in comparing to late size army),
oh and kal torak... cant agree with you 100% that every units should resist magic =). Tho i believe they have stronger nature/restoration/good magic so this could means stronger defense magic so actually no living creture, made out of normal flesh, could have that resistance except like said golems or special units, which have some kind magic protection against those things and not resistance... like i said =P. And you cant simplify with giving to elves 40% nature magic resistance. With what reason? Just because they live with nature desnt mean they cant get hit by water or tree sticks or rock in the head....=P

The Witch King of Angmar 09-10-2009 03:46 PM

As for the capital cities, in MMO mode, you are assigned to a region (or you may be able to pick it) and that functions as your capital city, if I'm not mistaken. I know for a fact in campaign mode each faction has a capital city. Shifting over to the magic discussion, maybe wizards could use some kind of magic on units to make them immune or stronger vs. magic. Or perhaps a leadership ability of some type could increase their immunity.

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