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GuitarZero 01-25-2014 12:35 PM

Fairly drastic change...
first off i'm a new player and i want to say i love the game and am having a great time

it's my first MMO-RTS hybrid

i only have one suggestion and it's with the color palettes/text placement

often times it's a bit hard to make out text due to having similar text color to text background. This can also hold true in the open world as well since everything seems to share a same color scheme.

dark green on slightly less green
dark orange text on brown backgrounds

these color combos make it difficult to spot things you want to see since nothing can really pop out at you.

that and maybe making your hero unit a little bigger to be recognizable :p

i know most who are used to it won't have this problem but again this is from a fresh players eyes and for some that might be a "make or break" experience.

either way keep up the good work :)

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