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Svulnar 01-24-2014 02:35 PM

Are Wizards working as Intended?
I have to ask that because sure, they are unique, but are they intended to have as much range combined with that much damage? I understand its very costly to stamina, but it just seems insane the kind of range/damage they seem to have with some of these spells. If the target doesn't have mostly tank squads, then likely in 1 maybe 2 casts most of them will be dead. Entire armies? That can't possibly be balanced, it reminds me of the times that a Royal could almost always solo armies of equal strength.

I could even live with the high damage and the high range if for one thing. If, when on lower settings like i play *for maximum smoothness* there was some kind of INDICATION OF THE SPELL. The last time i had lightning storm cast on me, there was no indication until several of my squads were suddenly dead with a quiet lightning noise that is barely noticeable *to me anyways*. Something even as basic as a big red line surrounding the area of effect would be great.

If they are to keep this much *power* with range and damage, then shouldn't they then cost more than 5 cap? Currently they are at the levels that you were forced to up the Royal dragon to 15 cap. They are not buffers to armies with don't do much harm to the enemy, and just help you own army *such as orc shaman for 5 cap* but they are the reverse and have immense offensive power to the enemy and seem to do little for your own. While that is all well in good in theory, in practice it ends up being *no wizard, i can just bombard you from waaaaaaaaaaaay over here*.

I don't want to see this game turn into a game where every PvP match has to do with *kill the wizard first* like how in all mmo's it is *kill the healer first*. The only difference is, is the fact that healers are all defensive bonuses and substainment bonuses. The wizard, is like someone saying *focus the dps, he is a much bigger threat than the healer* which, if anyone here has played PvP in most mmo's, is ridiculous. Now, i understand this is a strategy game and it has different rules, but 1 unit, no matter how much it costs to get to decent levels, should not 1-3 shot entire armies from super range.

Please either adjust the wizards to not be able to 1-3 shot armies, up their cap to fit their power, or at the very least...make it so that there is an indication for those on lower settings to be able to see that a negative effect is hovering above their army, even if it is just a simple circle.

Konstantin Fomenko 01-24-2014 06:08 PM

I have to say Lightning Storm is OP, and is getting reduced damage in the next patch. And with Wizards it will take us couple of patches to get them right.

Tbeaz161 01-28-2014 10:19 PM

I'm finding wizards to be absurdly powerful, large armies can get decimated easily by wizards from far too far away, it's very difficult to attack them, and if you manage to kill them you most likely have only a shell of an army left.

That simply isn't right, especially when a wizard is immortal but you might permanently lose all the units. I'm not saying make wizards mortal, it's just annoying.

When I have to either surrender when i see some wizards or lose atleast half my army automatically it isn't right. It currently takes no skill to win this way.

Not to mention how brokenly devastating they are to NPC towns..

Don't get me wrong I absolutely love this game and I support it's development whole heartedly, but the degree to which wizards are broken make me think something went terribly wrong, or next to no testing was done before pushing them out for the expansion, which is just unacceptable to me.

I love and will continue to play the game, but please change the wizards, COMPLETELY rework them if you must but something has to be done as they are game breakingly powerful at the moment in my opinion.

Tbeaz161 01-28-2014 10:35 PM

More specifically if you have a larger army of less trained troops and you get put against a few say lvl 40 wizards, they most likely done for.

I believe it would have been a much better idea to have lowered the damage instead of the hp of wizards, one spell should not be able to take out literally 6 infantry battalions.

axal011 01-29-2014 01:09 AM

Kon, aye they are OP, Might I suggest also stopping lightning,meteor from Following targets? kinda not nice that it follows my mounted knights.

Should be an AOE "Area of effect" Damage and not something that follows.

Gwydion 01-29-2014 01:25 AM


Originally Posted by axal011 (Post 85559)
Kon, aye they are OP, Might I suggest also stopping lightning,meteor from Following targets? kinda not nice that it follows my mounted knights.

Should be an AOE "Area of effect" Damage and not something that follows.

yea this needs to be fixed lol we are working on it :)

Azumazi 01-29-2014 02:47 AM

Yes, I myself today literally had that happen with my own knights. I also think that the following needs to be done to better balance wizards.

1. They need a population cap increase based on their level. Wizards increase in power substantially over time more so than any other unit in the game based on their spells having a minimum level requirement. All in all, by level 50 which unlocks their 5th level spell for use once researched should eat 25 population cap. Yes, this is a lot, but it would also limit the ability to use 2 wizards in one army, where as quite a few at this time run a calm and deep wizard or calm and wave together with only 10 cap points giving a lot of power.

2. Reduce their regeneration each upgrade from +2 to +1 to a max of 1/2 of a hero's cap, this way should the hero's top regeneration ever be altered theirs would be as well.

3. Remove the AoE follow ability (Which is already being looked into).

The above would also most likely require a look into dragons shortly after with Royal and Red dragons possibly needing a pop cap increase as well, but they don't have near the utility as the wizards do at this time.

Gwydion 01-29-2014 03:07 AM

i think that the 1st suggestion would be too hard to code. 3 is not intended and is a bug( so it will be gone) 2 sounds like a good idea... i also think that running should deplete their stamina as well.

Azumazi 01-29-2014 04:24 AM

The first suggestion wouldn't be too hard to code, it would just tax the servers to do a checksum on the unit and setup a global module to check when a wizard hits a certain level. Best times for that would be to have it check after a battle exits and when a player logs in or else it would eat up latency a lot.

Another one that someone mentioned would be to ladder it based on tiers, but that really would be a pain to code. If the above is too much, hard cap them at 20 population cap, so to run 2 wizards they could only have 20 cap worth of troops and that would also mean issues with looting.

A 4th suggestion, which would also help reduce the power of both wizards and dragons, would be add a building to each race that allows you to research elemental resistances for units.

Haldol 01-29-2014 11:46 AM

Wizzards are not working. I tell you why.

even after patch patch 1.23. 1 spell whiped out my intire army and farmers. I can rebuild cause i dont have any resources. Yet again why should i need too? If 1 mage can drop lighting on my walled up base from a very far distance why should i want to rebuild? Seems useless too me.

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