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bigmanjoejoe88 01-23-2014 06:41 PM

Bigmanjoejoe88's Quest Of ''Alliance Seeking''
Hi all. Some may know me by the name of Bigmanjoejoe88 already in-game. It's a very unique name indeed, I KNOW!:mad: I didn't realise that my actual username would end up being my in-game name. But perhaps this is fate, as it's one very unique distinctive name indeed.

Anyway, the information about myself...onwards to Narnia!

Bigmanjoejoe Stats:

Sex: Male
Age: 20 Years Old
Sociable/Unsociable: Sociable
Active: Yes
Race: Elves
Voice Communication: Has access to microphone/communication if needed
Skype: Gazza/Manukai
Xfire: mmanukai
Steam: Gazza123727
Ingame Name: bigmanjoejoe88
Experience: I'm new to the game, but learn very quickly.
Loyalty: As loyal as they come, will stay in any Alliance until it's inactive or crumbles.

Please contact me either ingame, Skype, Steam, or Xfire to recruit me to your cause!

Bigmanjoejoe out! may wealth of a thousand virgins come you're way:p

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