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Konstantin Fomenko 01-05-2014 12:45 PM

Patch 20 - Known Issues
Dear Players,

Today`s release of Patch 20 - is one of our biggest additions to the game so far. And a patch this big unfortunately brings some new issues and bugs to the game. Our team hopes to eradicate all of these bugs over the next several days. Meanwhile I`m including the list of a few known issues that although rare, might effect your gameplay experience for the next couple of days.

Crashing while moving units
There is a common crash issue that happens on average once in two hours. This is our top priority and will be fixed with-in 48 hours.

Unable to Login after a crash
Rare issue. Sometimes after a crash it won`t let you login.
-Close the game
-Press Cntrl+Art+Del to get to the Task Managed
-Click on Process tab
-Locate DoF.exe process and Terminate it
-Start the game, it`ll let you login now

Units Permanently Stuck on Homeland
Rare issue. Sometimes some of your units might get permanently stuck on an empty spot.
-Mark the stuck Units using Garrison Button on a Unit
-Open World Map - transfer the marked stuck unit into an army
-Transfer the unit back from the army onto your homeland

My Homeland always crashes after 2 seconds
In an extremely rare case you homeland might always crush right after your load it.
-None, but we expect a fix for this with-in 48 hours
-This is an EXTREMELY rare issue though

Siege Towers/Treant issues
There are two issues with siege equipment used for scaling walls.
-Tasking more than one to walls will not spread them out but cause for all to attach to the same wall segment
-Units are not using them in groups, but one by one
-We recommend avoid scaling walls for the next couple of days until we get this sorted out

taratine 01-06-2014 07:38 AM

i got the crash
i got the crashe where it have crashed 7 times in a houre its kinda annoying, some pers told me to post the file or something but have no ide where it is, sry bad eng not my main language

Konstantin Fomenko 01-06-2014 11:34 AM

Thanks for your report - we should have a solution to the crashes by tomorrow morning.

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