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Noquid 10-09-2013 01:26 PM

Into the Swamp BS
Sorry but I'm really getting annoyed with reasons why you lose everything. The description of this quest is to chase the orcs with the wizard and capture the wizard. So I didn't even bring siege equipment, which I really didn't need anyway BUT then the twit giving me advice tells me to run in quickly and grab the wizard and run out quickly before the orcs have a chance to react. (I'm paraphrasing) I take my best swordsman group and my hero and sprint through the gates, get totally annihilated (sp?) and barely make it out with my hero alive, swordsmen all dead. I grab the rest of my army and proceed to kill everything in my path, finally getting the wizard only to see him disappear and then I'm told to escape the city. So I have my hero and one archer left as I run out of the gates and over to where the other "ally" that does nothing is at and hit the world button. Welp, guess what? Quest didn't register, the green question mark is still there and if I enter, the quest starts all over again. Apparently there is more text that I'm supposed to read to end the quest??? How about a prompt saying "the quest is not over, if you leave now, you will have to complete the quest again." Or something like that. Now I have to rebuild my whole f-in army and spend all my time raiding around town to level them up again. That or take a hint and move on to another game. :mad:

Brian Shingles 10-11-2013 07:14 AM

The scenario based quests like these tend to show a cinematic at the end to lets players know they have completed that portion of the quest and can return to the world map.

In this particular quest, when you return to your ally he should tell you to defeat the orcs pursuing you, after which there is a cinematic scene where he tells you the quest is over.

If that is not happening, then a bug may have occurred preventing it.

We will investigate and if we can find a bug we will fix it.

I'd recommend taking as large an army as you can into every quest, as some of them can be quite tough.

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