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redblade1530 08-31-2013 07:34 PM

Fred Firkinson -- Market trading
This quest is quite terrible at instructing how to do this. I was able to fight through figuring out how to visit the nearest town but once there I could not buy any stone. It claimed that my army or town was too full even though I had sold everything in my army. I had to keep one cow because it said I had to. :confused:

SO frustrated, I moved my army back to my town. On the way, my gold vanished due to something called "Gold deterioration" or some such nonsense. MY army did not enter my town and there is no icon letting me instruct it to do so like there was for the town I visited.
SERIOUSLY there is a lot of work needing done on this game. :(

please tell me how to do this quest before I finally decide that the developers are nuts and I go back to a competent game like Stronghold Crusader. Thanks.

Nazar 08-31-2013 09:17 PM

Hi Redblade,

The quest is really simple: you just need to buy 300 stone (whether you do so with gold from the cows or not doesn't matter) and take it home with you.

Your problem with respect to the space and disappearing gold was simply that you didn't have enough carrying capacity (either through peasants or, much better, horse carriages). You can see how much capacity you have (used and available) from the bar on top. As long as your gold doesn't exceed the maximum carrying capacity (used+unused), it won't disappear. You'll find this same mechanism occur with your castles.

Hope this helps, enjoy the game!


EDIT: to get into your hometown, simply click on the large image to the right. If you want to transfer things or people, just move (very) close to your town and click the arrow symbol that appears.

redblade1530 09-02-2013 11:16 AM

Thanks for the reply. I figured it out but the wiki and quest is kinda terrible at explaining this so posting it here for the benefit of future new players:

When doing this quest you must switch to the world map to create an army. You then click on your own city on the world map. When you do that, three icons are available to you--the top most one is for creating an army.
When you click that Icon, two windows appear: one is for the units in your town and the other is for the new army that you are creating.

units can be added to your army by clicking on them. You can switch between what units you add by clicking on the small icons in the window that represents your town ( the crossed swords represent melee units, the arrows represent missile units, the stone hammer represent your surfs and wagons, and the cow units represent your livestock.

To add gold to this new army, simply click on the Gold icon -- left clicking adds small increments that can be adjusted by the four icons that are between the two windows that represent your town and your new army. Right clicking will add all of your gold at once to the new army.
WORD OF WARNING HERE: if you do not have units with enough carrying capacity for the gold or items you plan to haul from town to town, you will lose all of the excess along the way and there is no way to get it back. The way to tell how much your army can carry is indicated by an icon that looks like a wooden crate that is center top of your army's window.
Military units can only carry 100 gold per unit. Wagons can carry 500 gold or supplies each. I found that it is best to include wagons in your army and be careful not to exceed their carrying capacity. if you need to carry more, add more wagons.

Once you have your army satisfactory, click the create button. The army will appear on the world map as a soldier. select the army either by clicking directly on it or by clicking on the army icon at the top left of your screen -- once selected, the army will highlight and ask you what he should do.
With the army selected, right click on the town that you want the army to march to. Once the army has reached the city, a new icon will appear that looks like a city gate -- click that icon to enter the city and buy your stone from the Goods Market (not to be confused with the Livestock Market) then exit out of the market and out of the city.

Once you have marched back to your city, the top icon changes to a couple of arrows going in opposite directions. Click this icon, and you will be able to see your city and can transfer the stone and leftover gold in your army's possession by right clicking on them.

Congratulations. Quest achieved.

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