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Gyumaou 08-16-2013 12:39 PM

[GUIDE] "Yet another FAQ" -- community edition!
Even before I became a mod I found myself spending more time idling and answering question in the game chat than actually 'playing' the game and this hasn't changed since. A lot of the questions are variations on a handful of common issues and problems encountered by beginner players so I thought I'd write them down and prepare some decent answers I could quickly use.

This guide is pretty much the natural evolution of that initial thought, it covers the most common questions I encountered in the chat as well as some related topics that might be useful to new players. The best part of it is that I'm constantly tracking questions as they pop up in chat and will be updating the guide periodically. Additionally, any questions asked in this thread or in the guide comments section will also be answered and potentially added to the guide!

so, without further ado:

A wee note: The guide is published on Steam and can also be accessed via the game guides section of the Dawn of Fantasy community hub. However, viewing the guide does NOT require a Steam account! Players without a Steam account can still ask questions and comment in this thread or ingame via whispers.

Finally, a note for Steam users:
Whenever I'm in the game I'm also in the DoF group chat so hop in for some some chat/help. You can even send me a private message as long as we're in the same chat room, so good for 1 on 1 help!

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