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Hi11Zone 08-11-2013 11:50 AM

Make Your Own Contest
We have done everything you can imagine , how dedicated are you part series, bug rewards,best screenshots, and more more!

Well I thought hey why not let you, the Community come up with their own contests and the top 2 will win 200 crowns and Dragon of their choice.

Must be game related!

Can't wait to see what the community comes up with!

I will choose the top 2 on August 22!

Xhodan Xeus 08-11-2013 03:59 PM

Post a song about DoF
Post a poem about DoF
Find something game related in the real world related to DoF (example i used to play Atlantica Online and found a Hotel named Atlantica in my area)
Post a Fanbased video about DoF
Tournament Bracket Style (PvP)
Siege Tournament (PvP)
Siege Tournament (PvE who can take over a NPC Castle the fastest)
Art Contest (Might be not fair since not everyone can draw
Comic Style Art Basicly a little story about DoF using screenshots or anything related to DoF

those are some that just came into my head if i think of more ill post them

Gyumaou 08-11-2013 04:41 PM

Design your own unit? probably for more advanced users -- modelling, graphic design skill needed for sure. Might spark some nice ideas for use in game

Xhodan Xeus 08-11-2013 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by Gyumaou (Post 83471)
Design your own unit? probably for more advanced users -- modelling, graphic design skill needed for sure. Might spark some nice ideas for use in game

think that wold be abit unfair for people who have no clue about it but how about to create new units as in just how much hp, attack, what weapons they use, what skills they have etc. a draft on paper basicly with no drawings etc just a list of info on the unit and skills, that would work

rocket0744 08-11-2013 05:46 PM

So we've got to come up with a competition?
Well, here's a hard one:

Be the first one to win a pvp seige againt Hi11zone ;)

Mark Ashton 08-12-2013 04:13 AM

best cosplay image of a dof orc elf or human :P

Raius 08-16-2013 01:42 PM

Why not a competition for the best images/video for the game? That could possibly promote the game more as well.

Hi11Zone 08-25-2013 01:06 AM

Going through the winners, and will give them rewards soon!

Suma 08-25-2013 01:10 PM

Future Contest
I am not sure how I missed this contest so I might be too late for prizes but here ya go:

Each participant comes up with 3 additions to the game that they would like to see added or changed. They put those suggestions in a private message to one of your alias accounts on this site so you don't get spammed on your main account. At the end of the week or whatever period, you choose which 3 you like the best and give out rewards. You should get tons of good suggestions for the game, hopefully a lot more than 3 that might be good additions and 3 people get prizes. People can add as many suggestions as they want, but only the top 3 they choose would be for the contest. Also, you could give out additional crowns for each idea that you want to add into the game.


realm95 08-26-2013 03:41 AM

im pretty sure this event is over for now but here is my idea.

1st idea ---
a Glory event.

you receive glory for winning a battle against a player in pvp
if you loose you loose half the amount you would receive if you won the battle.
You can receive glory from siegeing npc city's but not as much when you pvp a player.

The person with the most Glory within the time limit set wins what ever the reward is.

2nd idea ---
killing a specific troop

You need to get the highest possible troop kill than other players
you only have about 3 days to kill as many as you can
if its ogres you would have to kill as many as you can to beat the other players

3rd idea ---
Gold making event

to win this you would have to make lots and lots of gold
so you would either have to trade with other city's such as making some pigs and selling them to another city to make profit, Or just going out and killing what ever you can find.
and of course the winner will be the person who received the most gold

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