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Svulnar 07-24-2013 07:45 PM

Goblin Bugs
Hey, as i was experimenting with my nefarious goblins, i noticed a few things that were off and i just thought i would mention them here. The goblin raiders have a default health of 9000, but sometimes when i enter exploration mode or combat, they show 7500.

On my swamp city, i had just made, i tested the goblin raiders again. This time, i noticed a completely different thing wrong with it. They had 11250 health default, due to the swamp 30% increase to health. However, whenever i got a health upgrade it only gave 750 health. From what i can tell, 10% of 11250 health is 1125, so shouldn't it have gone from 11250 to 12375?

Another thing that i have noticed is that sometimes after they have been healed, be it by a shaman aoe heal, or by their tribal healing, that they sometimes have much more health than their maximum, making them almost impossible to be killed by npc's.

Something i also noticed when i made my new swamp city, is that sometimes when i sent a raider to attack or move some where, they would take only a few steps before stopping where they are. This made it very hard to move the units without clicking the spot multiple times.

I have noticed that even though in one of my armies the Goblin Prowlers all had max range, half of them would rush past the maximum range and to about half range before firing. This can be quite bothersome when you are trying to weaken the enemy army and keeping out of their range. Either way, i do not think they should be wasting all the range that they have, for an unknown reason.

Goblins also lag terribly in pvp battles due to the sheer amount of units in each squad, though I believe that is in a large part due to path finding still needing improvement.

These are all of the Goblins bugs or oddities that i have noticed thus far, but i will update this thread if i discover more.

weshallwin894 08-18-2013 08:51 AM

yeah that is bug ive noticed try to get in contact with mod in game or contact Warsmith Gwydion on steam or mod will contact u in forums :cool:

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