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jishness 07-12-2013 10:53 AM

Alliance Tournament Discussion Thread
This is not a thread for the actual tournament, but discussing rules and mechanics of the tournament.

I am looking to put together a monthly tournament that is alliance participant only. While players who are without an alliance may find this unfair, this is done in order to encourage alliance vs alliance gameplay before things like "Alliance Wars" are released.

No dragons. Dragons require counters, and high level dragons can misrepresent army strength very easily. Generally speaking, dragons will make this tournament anti-fun, which is ultimately the goal of this. They will also make a tight squeeze for the army strength rule.

Army Strength must be 360 to 400. Participant armies will lose troops. This strength limit will make it so losses are easy to replace day-to-day so that a match schedule won't be interrupted.

Three members per alliance will participate. Alliances earn points with each victory. Each alliance will have to fight every other alliance. There will be 1 match per member per day. I'm aware that not everyone can make such a schedule. Before a member can officially join this tournament they must be able to commit to 3 matches per week. In this way we can actually finish up to a 13-Alliance tournament within the month, which should be more than enough.

The entry fee per alliance would be 300 crowns, straight into a pot. The pot is dealt out as follows:
1st Place: 50% pot
2nd Place: 30% pot
3rd Place: 20% pot

If there are any players who would like to help sponsor the tournament, extra crowns can be put into the pot, or we could even lessen the entry fee because of the sponsors. The exact details of this would be discussed with whoever is sponsoring.

The transfer of crowns would have to go to a player who moves around alliance to alliance. Alliances will need to choose a member to handle that alliance's transactions. This way an alliance's crowns are never in the hands of another alliance player. I will hold the crowns for the tournament -unless- there is a moderator who will volunteer to hold the crowns.

Edit: With the lack of interest in PVP right now running the tournament won't go as well. Once pathfinding hits I'll revisit this idea.

Hi11Zone 07-12-2013 05:45 PM

Great idea, wish you and the other guilds the best of luck.

Wolffighter 07-12-2013 06:25 PM

crowns -.-
hahaha we first need the crowns to spend and if we lose we just loose crowns and troups...
(i don't say i will lose but all can happen)

jishness 07-12-2013 11:32 PM

If we had sponsors we wouldn't need as high an entry fee.

Additionally, 300 crowns is easy enough for an alliance to come up with. But considering it would be a pot prize, its a gamble/intense game of skill. If you don't make one of the top 3 positions, it would feel kind of upsetting.

Also keep in mind, each fight earns crowns. Assume 8 alliances participate, and 20 crowns total (between the winner and loser), thats 240 crowns produced from the carnage each day of matches. 1,680 crowns in total by the end of the tournament.

Even if you were to lose every single match and only get 5 crowns per battle, your 3 alliance members would have earned a total of 105 crowns by the time the tournament ended. Doesn't quite cover your losses, but this assumes you lose every match, and doesn't really count the fun you'll have while fighting. =)

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