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Valendale 07-10-2013 11:47 AM

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot & AI Battles...
So I've been beta testing TMQEL and it has general concepts that would be useful for this game as well IMO.

One is chain aggro AI instead of scripted AI, basically a lot of units are placed where they're linked together and getting the attention of any one of them gets all of them to attack you. This would be good in vs AI.

Another thing is the way the AI handles battles. Instead of another player being there to micromanage everything, the game trusts the player to design a castle in such a way that battles are handled automatically. I think this could be a great alternative for Player vs Player, since the game seems to have stability issues at present and finding PvP matches can be hard, this could conceivably be a way to improve general performance taking some of the strain from synchronizing players off of the servers. Players could design castles for this and toggle between game modes if they prefer to manually manage their defenses.

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