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Toushiro 07-05-2013 11:45 PM

Lost all Troops and merchandise
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entered manually in the city to negotiate
I know that wolves and other animal attacks
was near the merchant, and the wolves came

so far so good ... but suddenly, the soldiers of the city, began to attack me
, killing all my troops

I was talking to the gps51, and he asked me to go back into town and see if it happens again, I offered to take a screen to explain how it happened (he said other things but I'm shortening)

ithis picture shows where I came from.

markings in red shows where most of the troops were
blue marker shows where was the unicorns

was when I realized that some wolves came (yellow marking), then my unicorns began to go after (blue marking), and the yellow dots, which was stopped some wolves, and soon the soldiers of the city, began to attack both did not take long for all die ..

could not take pictures of the moment because of 2 reasons ...
1 was trying to save my troops removing from there
2 I was extremely confused and angry, because i did not understand anything!

during the process of drawing and try to show how and where it occurred
I realized a few things happened (since I do not shut the game)

just for the record> red> my troops, yellow> direction of the arrows, pumpkin> enemies, soldiers of City > green.

I realized that my archers were attacking some enemies passing
by the directions of the arrows you can see that are hitting the building, and starting a fire ... as you can see, none of them moved (except those that were too close to the fire

notice that they are still standing.
Then wolves started coming from the other side ...
then again the arrows began to hit some buildings that started another fire, only this time the fire was large and consumed more places, and for some reason made ​​them come running behind me (only at the end)

detail in the first case that I lost everything, there had been fire

my opinion: I do not know if it's a glitch or bug, but it could put specific orders to set fire to the building, in addition to enemies like wolves and other animals began pursuing troops, which was within the city, from one location far (I think it should be a bug)

My suggestion: If you could create around the city a barrier that animals not enter or go near or even create an option for archers (shoot flaming arrows) or both

My question: can I have my troops and goods back?

if you have something that you is not understand. please let me know as it is difficult for me to explain everything that happened (besides take a long time for me, being able to post)

Hi11Zone 07-06-2013 05:32 PM

WOW, foward to dev team right away, and please check your pm. We are looking into this right now and see whats going on, and make sure it never happens again/ If you have any other questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us

ACEDoom 07-06-2013 10:13 PM

Yea, this happened to me before but I managed to pull my troops out with severe losses in time so I only lost a entire unit of cavaliers. But it still sucked.

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