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Konstantin Fomenko 07-05-2013 10:33 AM

Patch # 17 - The Siegeworks Part II is LIVE!
We're happy to announce the release of the second part of our Siegeworks expansion. The patch is live now, however…. Unfortunately, we found a few last minute bugs which have delayed pathfinding and a couple of the new units, but rather than delaying everything until they are ready, we thought we would patch in those things that are ready. So, what do you get in this patch? This patch expands on the Alliance features, allowing Alliance Leaders to assign roles and make some minor changes, as well as introducing the Alliance Bank - a repository for Crowns that members can add to and that Alliance Leaders and Treasurers can use to send Crowns to members. Some balance changes are included in the patch, addressing some imbalances that players have raised. Most importantly, this patch adds in four great new units - the Ruin Vine summoned by Enchanters to bring down walls, the Mantlet that shields your troops from incoming arrows, the Tosser that launches an array of deadly ammunition and the Grinder which slices into enemy units, grinding them into a bloody mess. We are sure you will have fun with these new features and units while we continue to work on pathfinding and the remaining units. Stay tune for updates next week

Patch # 17

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
- New Orc Unit: Grinder
- New Orc Unit: Tosser
- New Elven Unit: Ruin Vine
- New Human Unit: Mantlet
- Alliance Leader, Treasurer and Recruiter roles can be assigned by the Alliance Leader
- Alliance members can deposit Crowns into the Alliance Bank
- Alliance Leader and Treasurer can send Crowns to members from the Alliance Bank
- Alliance Leader and Recruiter can invite players to join their Alliance from the Social Window

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
- Alliance Motto can be edited
- Adjusted alliance costs: 240 Crowns to create, 120 Crowns to expand
- Adjusted alliance max members, increased to 100
- Gold/Crown conversion cost reduced from 10,000 Gold to 6,000 Gold

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
Elf Units:
-Bladestorm +5 slash res +10 pierce res +15 hp
-Enchanter +30 hp +25 magic res
-Grand Master +5 slash res +5 pierce res +30 hp +25 magic res +10 slash dmg
-Sentry +10 pierce res +5 slash res +20 hp +5 pierce dmg

Human Units:
-Human Paesant -1 strenght
-Fortifications camps strenght values reduced by 50-70% (all 3)
-Horse Cart -1 strenght
-Battering ram +60 crush res +60 slash res +10 pierce res hp+1500 +50 crush dmg
-Bellfry +10 pierce res +40 crush res +40 slash res
-Cavalier +10 hp
-Crossbowman -5 pierce res
-Escalade +1800 hp +50 stamina +10 pierce res +30 slash res +30 crush res
-Halberdier +30hp +5 pierce res +5 crush dmg
-Firecart -1 strenght +1000 hp +20 movement speed +60 slash pierce crush res
-Foot Knight -5 crush res
-Mounted Knight +10 slash dmg
-Maceman +20 hp +10 slash res +5 crush res +10 pierce res +20 crush dmg
-Swordsman -5 crush res
-Trebuchet +25 slash res +25 crush res +25 pierce res +250 hp
-Boiling oil +7 sec duration -100 dmg +30 area effect range
-Spike Trap +250 dmg +50 range

Orc Units:
-Berserker +10 pierce res +10 crush dmg
-Goblin Prowler +25 hp -1 strenght +5 slash res +5 crush res +5 pierce dmg
-Goblin Raider +30 hp +10 slash res +10 crush res +5 pierce res +5 slash dmg
-Impaler +10 hp +1 strenght +10 pierce res +15 crush dmg
-Impaler Warg +50 hp +5 pierce res +10 slash dmg
-Labourer -2 strenght
-Ogre +1 strenght +500 hp +5 slash res +5 crush res +10 pierce res +30 slash dmg
-Slayer Warg +50 hp +1 strenght +15 slash dmg
-Warg +25 hp

Dwarf Units:
-Dwarf Axeman -10 crush res +15 pierce res -5 slash dmg +25fire res
-Dwarf cannon +500 hp -2 strenght +40 crush res +40 slash res +10 pierce res grape shot +500 pierce dmg +200 crush dmg +150 fire dmg
-Dwarf Rifleman strenght -1
-Dwarf Heavy Ram +1500 hp +4 strenght +50 crush res +50 slash res +15 pierce res +200 crush dmg
-Dragon trample +50 crush dmg (250 now) reduced self dmg to 30
-Royal Dragon +3000 hp strenght -5 +30 fire dmg
-Red Dragon +3000 hp +20 fire dmg
-Green Dragon +3000hp +20 fire dmg
-Haunter Dragon +3000hp -5 strenght +20 fire dmg
-Ice Dragon +3000hp +25 ice dmg

-Shamanic Heal amount reduced by 30%
-Blood Purge dmg augmented by 100%
-Heroes Healing Potion heal amount reduced by 25%
-Pray +10 sec duration
-Hide -1 stamina drain/sec
-Whirlwind -10 stamina cost
-Tackle +10 stamina cost
-Drop Rocks +25 area effect range -25 stamina cost

Saan 07-05-2013 10:35 AM

First! wuwu at least! наконецто!

Darwain 07-05-2013 10:41 AM

Naaw, the pathfinding is delayed ='/ Otherwise it's nice additions! =D

Konstantin Fomenko 07-05-2013 10:49 AM

We feel terrible about having to delay pathfinding - but at the same right it just doesn`t feel right releasing a feature that we`ve been waiting for so long, without fixing a few known bugs first. Also two best units - Dragon`s Breath (human flamethrower on a horsecart), and Rootant (underground moving elven siege unit) - will be released together with pathfinding as well. I`m really hoping to have this ready sometime next week.

Darwain 07-05-2013 11:00 AM

Noo worries! =) When waiting for something good you will always have to wait a bit longer and fixing those bugs and making the Pathfinding patch as good as you can make it will be more than enough to keep me satisfied!

Shadowkutsuu 07-05-2013 11:32 AM

Woot finally the patch is out... Is what I thought, I don't want to sound rude and I know I'm not the only one waiting for the Path-finding patch but this is a joke -_-.

Been waiting for ages since you mentioned it will be out in next patch, then it gets delayed and you mention you plan to release it on Monday but no later then Thursday (In other words it's coming out Thursday).
But then something goes on and it's another delay and will be out in 24 hours, so I'm thinking (okay fair enough least it could be my birthday prezzie for 5th July)...
Bam a balance patch with units I couldn't care less about as I'm planning to remake my city just for this Path-finding patch to find out it's taken you over a week to work out there's a bug.

This has got to be a joke -_-, sorry again for any rudeness but it's just really annoyed me, but oh well I'll wait till you fixed it, I'm sure and hope it will be worth the extra wait.

theinternetman 07-05-2013 11:57 AM

I'd rather have it with the bugs.

Also can you maybe edit those patch notes to be a bit more clear? Did cavaliers really just get +10 health points? What is the -5 on royal dragons? Etc. The person who wrote the patch notes apparently can't spell strength either haha. At least have someone who speaks fluent English do a quick 5 minute proofread, no?

GPS51 07-05-2013 12:09 PM

We're no happier about the delay of pathing then any of you, unfortunately we don't wish to introduce game crashing bugs for everyone :(

jc_smo 07-05-2013 01:16 PM

Many new great!

But it would be better to fix bugs before releasing more units out. Some errors come to be ridiculous! I do not know yet if it is the unwillingness of the team or game marketing company to sell more ...

If it is to sell more, then it is to sell more junk, cause errors in the unit that sends u get STOPS and walk out of units that sends u get the wall down and suddenly it is pathetic ...

I will spread the good news in the face for all friends to see that again, this game is not worth to be bought! Pay to have errors, is no excuse, and say that the company is not too small! Rather than spend any time adding new features, fix bugs first, then put news.
Time to add units do you have? And I do not have time to correct mistakes of the units are there? Nice work pathetic! Slow, slow, late and pathetic!

Darwain 07-05-2013 01:36 PM

Bugs happen, it isn't easy to find them and to correct them. They thought it a better idéa to release what works and then add in the things that doesn't work atm. What is so wrong with that? You get stuff instead of nothing and you know they will come with the pathfinding patch!

+I'm having a good time with DoF now and so seems many others to have. So why complain eyy? Be patient let them get it working!

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