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Darwain 07-01-2013 08:22 AM

Regions & Unit Differences
Right now you can hire different mercenaries and recruit troops. That is great!

It works splendid really! But how would it be to have visual differences from where you hire these warriors, knights and protectors eey? Small differences that gives variety and a sense of atmosphere.

For example, you have 3 starting regions, with their pros and cons. Then let's say you would start in one region with a gold gathering bonus(rich region). Then the soldiers you hire or recruit from this area will look more ornated or so.

And then if you would hire/recruit from another area they would look a bit different. Depending on the areas wealth, history and other statistics.

Just visual differences not big ones, but small ones. Different helmets, shields, chest armours. It would be a cool thing.

And then also for the elves and orcs. I mean show the visual difference between an orc from the barren desert and from the forests, tatoos or cloth differences.

A suggestion at least to take into consideration! See you all on the battlefield =)

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