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R-A-B 06-29-2013 07:03 AM

Trample damage
After comparing at units like the cavaliers to the mounted knights and finding that frankly cavaliers are cheaper and do more damage I was trying to see if perhaps trample damage that I hear about was a factor. Except I can not find any specific data on it, anywhere.
As such I have a number of questions.

When does i trample damage take place E.g on charge? every attack after charge? Every Attack? On movement contact with enemy unit?

What units have trample damage? E.g cavaliers no, but mounted knights yes perhaps?

Is the damage a set number or is it based on a stat? If it is a set number is it the same for all units with trample or is each one unique?

Is there a resistance to trample damage? Is it currently unmitigated damage or does crush resist reduce the damage?

Is trample damage just an unofficial term for the units basic damage doing a bit of crush as well as slash damage?

theinternetman 06-29-2013 11:24 AM

The entire point of mounted knights is tanking. Upgrade their slash and pierce resistance and put them in wedge formation. Cavaliers die insanely quick. Mounted Knights would be insanely overpowered if you made them as fast and damaging as cavaliers.

R-A-B 06-29-2013 12:20 PM

While that firstly does not really answer my question :p I would have to point out that foot knights and even swordsman in some situations are better at that job while being having less of an impact army strength wise.

I find the comparisons to building an army list in the many table top games like Games Workshop having exactly the same issue.

"Sure you could take mounted knights, but for the same army strength cost you could take x swordsman"

Actually I'm gonna go check the army strength cost of every level 5 unit in the human army and post back, check my figures.

*FIGURES* Ok heres what I got, which was fairly interesting

Lvl 5
Swordsmen - 18
Macemen - 10
Halberdier - 17
Cavalier - 15
Mounted Knight - 15
Foot Knight - 12(!)
Crossbow - 12
Archer - 11

Lvl 1
Peasant - 2
Cart - 1
Fire Cart - 3
Palisade - 0
Trebuchet - 2
Seige Tower - 0
Battering Ram - 1

Annoyingly though there seems to be once again more hidden data in this regard as despite carts seeming to be 1 a pop I have a group of 60 on the world map as transport with an army strength of 80. I'm assuming resource on the army may factor into this as otherwise it has to be some weird algorithm where by a greater number of units exponentially increases the army strength.

Looking at the figures though I am wrong in my assumption of mounted knights being to expensive compared to cavaliers, they have a clear survivability advantage at no extra cost. As tanks considering the relatively cheap cost of foot knights I would be hard pressed to use them over the the little tanks unless I knew I was facing open plain archers. Frankly though I am shocked by the cost of Halberdiers in paticular. I can only assume this is down too the 'advantage of cavalry' the unit is described as having which is, once again, not explained with data.

I wonder if researches increase the army strength cost of the units too? Seeing as all my researches that matter have been completed I wonder if someone can compare with a level 5 unit that does NOT have researches complete to see if any descernable difference can be seen.

Anyway I think I may cut this and paste it into a seperate topic latter as well as explore the options of doing it with the other armies so people can look them up. In the mean time, anybody got any info on trample damage?

vicious666 06-29-2013 01:54 PM

Trample do dmg to self when you trample, so if one of your soldier hit an enemy soldier at certain speed it take dmg. (every time you trample/hit your speed get reduced) the self dmg is 10 crush dmg at moment. and the trample dmg is 50 slash 60 crush (110 total)

Of course both dmg are reduced by res.


Ability.Trample.Exceptions={ --Cannot trample these

CAVALIER hidden mechanics is, that against ranged troops and small monster dmg go x3 x4

Class.Infantry.Ranged.Bow]=3, [Class.Infantry.Ranged.Crossbow]=3, [Class.Monster.Small.Ranged.Bow]=4,[Class.Monster.Small.Melee.Slash]=4}

it have also a natural defence against projectile (thx to the speed ) : Unit.Cavalier.DefenceBonusProjectile=3

the basic strenght value at lev 1 is 6

Regards Mounted knights they have same trample than cavalier, but they slower so in a short time they will lose more speed so trample dmg, but they have much higher resistances so they take less self dmg, and they can hold pretty well piece dmg, cavalier are much weaker, even if dmg is much higher, consider also knights can heal themself. and in good formations can have 80-70% res.

Regards units with trample, all mounted ones, include wargs slayers etc, dragons have a special kind of trample that do 200 crush and do 30 dmg to self
Ogre also have trample

R-A-B 06-29-2013 04:40 PM

Very informative and I thank you for the reply.
I shall keep this information firmly in mind as it answers an underlying question I've had for a while of "Are there any hidden game mechanics". I can now start make reasonable assumptions on unit effectiveness and better help others too.

Hi11Zone 06-30-2013 01:39 PM

Glad vicious666 had the information you needed :), if you need anything else don't hesitate to contact us @

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