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theinternetman 06-27-2013 07:08 AM

Questionable Game Design Choice
Editing this to consolidate it more... the primary questionable game design choices is question are forcing players to payout if they disconnect, crash, or want to quit a PvE mission, and forcing the person invited to a co-operative PvE encounter to have PvP protection off.

Notes: "PvE" refers to player versus environment or content that is designed around a computer player, not a human player. "PvP" refers to content that is designed around and involves two or more players playing a game against each other.

Dawn of Fantasy is a game made by a small team, and has some rough parts around the edges. That's all well and fine, I can roll with the punches of crashes, disconnects, and occasional rubberbanding. Those are all par for the course on a budget online game. That said, there are some severe payout penalties for disconnecting, crashing, quitting, or losing a PvE mission in Dawn of Fantasy. The problem with these penalties is they often target player's best and brightest units, and are incurred if a player crashes while on a mission. These penalties make recommending this game to others and having a fun time while playing the game pretty difficult. I feel like I spend far more time farming up new armies to replace the ones that were lost in a flash of the pan. The PVP in DoF is nothing short of unforgiving with very large payout costs for facing armies tailored very strictly to PvP. The bottom line is though not completely impossible, armies have to be tailored specifically to fight dragons or any PvP-centric army for that matter. My question is why did the developers choose to require PvP be enabled to engage in a cooperative mission? Is this a known bug? Will it be fixed? When? It's perfectly fine to have huge penalties for losing in your video game, that said I think players expect a much higher level of balance, polish, and dedicated servers in the case of these penalties.

As a whole, despite the fact that I'm sure revenue is generated in Dawn of Fantasy by players who want to buy power in PvP for convenience, I'd bet my britches Dawn of Fantasy would garner more sales focusing on the town building and cooperative aspects of Dawn of Fantasy, without penalizing players merely for disconnecting, crashing, or quitting from a PvE battle. It's one thing to have your unit die because of a bad choice you made strategically speaking in a battle. If one of my units dies to boiling oil I remind myself to avoid boiling oil in the future and chalk it up to a learning experience. But when I'm losing out units because I'm being bombarded with PvP requests or because the game has bugs that cause crashes, then that's extremely frustrating.

It's really tough to say to friends "Hey come play this game!" when I know they're going to spend days building an army, just to have a good portion of it annihilated due to the issues regarding PvE payoffs in DoF currently. It's also really tough to tell them that when they're about to kill a powerful enemy unit in PvP that their opponent will probably turn off their network adapter and disconnect, robbing their opponent of a hard earned kill. If people choose to play honorably in PvP they end up losing out.

When playing a game feels like you're fighting an uphill battle, it's going to make it very difficult for you to sell the game through world of mouth. If an echo chamber is created in the game by a minority of players influencing development, it's unlikely the game will sell to a broader audience.

Zoris 06-27-2013 10:47 AM

As a whole, despite the fact that I'm sure revenue is generated in Dawn of Fantasy by players who want to buy power in PvP for convenience...

never really understood this point as purchasing crowns can give you allotted upgrades... a smart defender can easily over come this.

I completely agree however that I would to see a more stream line coop pve. I have friends as well that I'm having a difficult time coordinating with.

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