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Fumbers 06-23-2013 12:36 PM

Alliance usefulness
Hello everyone,

I think we all know with the recent influx of players from the steam sale, and most asking to be let into alliances, I think its sorely time for an alliance upgrade (once everything else is fixed first obviously)

What I would love to see, is possibly a shogun 2 influence system for the map, alliances battle random pvp matches in their selected region and every victory gains them a certain amount of influence, and losing gains half of it, so there is benefit to everyone battling (besides the crowns).

Now once an alliance gains a certain amount of influence in said region, they take it under their control and are able to control the tax rates in that region, to help buff or slaughter the local populace, the capital of each region shall be the alliance stronghold and would need to be fought over once another alliance has more influence in that region.

For example, if another alliance (A) take the region through influence and the owner alliance (B) keeps trying to pay them off, alliance A can change the tax rates through force of trade and basically starve the owner alliance out of the stronghold forcing a land battle between a set number of players, if they decide to attack the stronghold each alliance must select a set number of players to fight for it (say 5 for example on each side).

Not only will this enlarge the pvp scale of things, but also make alliances more useful rather than having another chat tag.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Warm regards


Hi11Zone 06-23-2013 03:52 PM

Great ideas for sure, and we have many many features planned coming out soon such as Alliance wars banks and much much more, so stay tuned.

Zoris 06-26-2013 04:06 PM

That... actually doesn't sound too bad at all! Great ideas.

To add onto that I would enjoy if said lands would have unique properties when owned by an alliance.

Flatlands increase move speed across world... forests improve unit construction times at reduced cost due to excessive vegetation... mountains allow for rare metals that improve defenses

urwendor 08-13-2014 08:47 AM

I think it would be good if you could change your name of your alliance.

It could be a cost in crowns.

Konstantin Fomenko 08-13-2014 11:26 AM

Good suggestions. We will be adding more alliance features sometime between our big update and after f2p release. I`ll have more details once I confirm with out programmers

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