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Zoris 06-20-2013 10:50 AM

Just wanted to say Hi!
Recently bought this game and fired it up. Have to say that I was worried that this was another simple facebook/android-esqe game what with the long load times and in-game currency (cr).

I was pleasantly proven wrong for the most part and will continue to support more functions as the game carries on it's life-line.

When entering the fray, I was VERY pleased to find out that moderators and literal developers actually play this game and help people on the spot when we cry out in HELP.

I've never seen this in my 15 years of gaming and its a very welcoming feeling. Both with the forums and in-game output...I'm sure you'll be able to coordinate a positive constructive outlook to blossom this game from.

TLDR: Got this game....though it was crap at first. It wasnt/isnt :) First time I'm ever able to chat to devs in-game.

Things I would like to see:

- Naming squads
- Ability to own multiple cities ( if not already implemented )
- Militia for humans, peasants being able to level up
- Ability to go from Home to World Map to Open World Map (geographically limited multiplayer instance )
- Ability to be invited to friend's cities
- Ability to purchase units at cost or for a profit at the owner's wish
- Ability to bring a friendly army to an ally to assemble before heading forth.
- Ability to research procreating animals ( if not already...i swear i didnt have that many chickens...)
- A symbol for loot that has dropped amongst corpses showing after 10mins from their defeat? Example if crowns dropped...
- Chat window pane modifications in size/font size
- Ability for enemies to surrender units. when facing morale defeat
- Kill Unit ( with confirmation ), Patrol and IDGAF STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND STAY STOPPED buttons are required.

Bugs I have found:

- Able to purchase additional houses even though at level max
- Town plot increase should have a set increment displayed
- Hero will literally walk through the world to get to said destination ( sometimes not a bad thing! )
- Daily Rewards sometimes have been acquired multiple times in one day ( think I had three day before yesterday )
- Tooltips for infantry upgrades should display a value ( Increases soldier hp....) BY HOW MUCH?!
- Selecting units has major issues has ordering a single squad to do something causes all similar units to attack ( im not doubleclicking when selecting i swear! )
- Gold Decay acting too strong. I literally had 1100gold drop down to 750g in a second! By the time I got to the city ( 10cm away ) I had a little over 500
- Units not assembling correctly. Giving up on regrouping. Giving up on issued commands like attack or position requests

Thank you for this amazing game. I'm referring people all the time. I have read the content to be released shortly and am certainly giddy. I'm sure I'll be a bit ****y after someone raids my city and all bugs ensue but I'll live on.

Hi11Zone 06-20-2013 11:10 AM

Welcome to the game and community thank you for your feedback, glad to have ya!

Zoris 06-20-2013 11:23 AM

Thanks and Happy Belated Birthday!

More to add

- In-game windowed
- In-game option for borderless window
- Separate volume controls. If you mute the game there are still some open channels coming through

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