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EnglishPlayer 06-15-2013 02:35 AM

Random additions here and there
I feel like this game is missing a few features that are key in MMO and RTS games.

-A in game clock. with alliances etc and with the already existent coop features, an in game clock would be helpful. I use to spam the daily reward every hour wondering why it wasn't resetting at midnight. I realized i probably wasnt on server time, i figured out it resets at about 5pm my time. still, it would be helpful :D

-double click on unit groups center the camera on the units, but double tapping the hotkey for them doesn't. why not?

-we can name our city, but not our hero? not really a bid deal, but selecting the unit that just says 'hero' is boring :(

-make the hotkeys similar to other RTS games.
-attack move shouldn't be a toggle, it should be an A+click.
-Shift shouldn't be run(double click is just fine), shift should function as a que for commands(even moba games have this!)
-'H' to hold position

-i noticed the stop-and-only-attack in range option doesnt work for melee units

i swear i had more suggestions, but i cant remember them right now. will edit the post when i remember!

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