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DarkFury22 06-11-2013 12:54 AM

Resurrect the dead? Valhalla style!
Solution to PvP fears and keep death and more PvP fun! Valhalla!
Over time you are going to fear your hours and hours of devoted time to leveling units with the permadeath, players are scared to fight!

Dead characters get added to a graveyard, you can choose to keep a limited number of your dead units there and earn your right to resurrection by fighting with your "spirit" units in a Vahalla style PvP where the dead have a chance to earn a resurrection. Upon winning a Vahalla skirmish, you can choose a unit or two to be eligible for resurrection. For a significant amount of resources or crowns you can bring your poor unit back to life to live another day! Units in Vahalla mode can still gain levels at a reduced rate. It's a heavy penalty, but it promotes PvP and reduces trauma of losing hard earned units. Units in Vahalla can die and die again, and continue their place in Vahalla until they are eligible for resurrection. This will also allow players who lose frequently in a PvP a unique opportunity to play against other players who lose frequently in PvP to hone their skills without risk.

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