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Wynn 06-06-2013 08:00 PM

Suggestion on building and wall construction
I'd like to see buildings and walls built by workers and not a magical imaginary crew that pops in, builds something, and pops out again. Building should be similar to how the Elven Enchanters summon a Treant or Bolt thrower, they gather around in a circle and work on the unit until it is complete. While the unit is being "constructed" they are considered busy and can not heal or fight or do anything but summon (build).

So let's say you want to build an Elven Alchemy Lab (or Mill for Humans). You click on a worker and select build and it stops it's gathering and goes off to build. One battalion of workers will complete the structure in it's normal time. You can assign more workers to assist and reduce the time by 50%, another crew drops it to 30% and a fourth group drops it to 18% (more of a inverse log vs linear decrease where the more crews you add the less they will contribute as they tend to get in each other way.)

So you have the structure being built faster but those 4 worker battalions are tied up and can't gather during that time. This is a fair tradeoff; resources for building speed.

Implementing this also requires removing the "Rush" option for 1 crown (which is also an immersion breaker).

Now, let's say you want to build a stone structure or wall... well you have to hire an expert that works with stone! You have to have a Dwarven miner that costs a few crowns to obtain (here's your crown sink instead of the rush option). And much like wooden structures, the more crews of Dwarven miners working on a structure the faster it will get built (up to a max of 4 battalions)

Repair should work the same way.. click on a worker and select repair wall, building, or repair all. Dwarven miners would be required to repair stone as well.

Many RTS games work the same way because it makes sense to have the workers do the working.

HiredGun 06-25-2013 06:48 PM

I think this is a great idea, but I would like to add a suggestion. The quality of the structure (ie buliding/wall/tower hitpoints) could be based on the quality of the builder. Maybe a wall built by humans has 1000 hp, but the dwarf built walls has 1500. But inversly, the dwarf wall take 50% longer to build. You could even have the dwarves "upgrade/reinforce" the human walls after the fact, so you don't force player to tear down walls. This would just require time and resources.

You could have some of these special builders as quest rewards, which increases the incentive of doing the story line.

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