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Warbs 05-12-2013 10:07 AM

First city attack experience
Just wanted to share my experience of my first city battle which i must say massively underwhelmed me and somewhat got me annoyed.

Firstly i spawned on the map being instantly under fire from the archers on the enemys walls, why is the range of archers on walls so huge was my first thought so i moved my troops away and began grouping my units to make my attack easier.

when i selected all my units and ordered them to attack around a quater of my army did not respond even though i had them selected, they just stood idle.

I sent my melee units in first towards a gate and once they arrived at the gate they just stood there doing nothing making no attempt to attack the gate or anything they just stood there under fire from the archers upon the walls i then sent my ranged units and enchanters into the battle everything was going fine from that point until id destroyed all their buildings wich then seemed to keep healing themselves at a rather fast pace but i had the enemys settlement building down, waited for a victory note of some sort but did not recieve one so i figured maybe i had to destroy the few troops they had left wich where just stood on a wall doing nothing, so i procceeded to send all my troops to attack and what a challenge that turned out to be.

My melee units would just run to the wall where the enemy where stood and just stood below the wall, when their was steps to get up onto the wall so why did they not use them ?

My ranged units were firing at them but seemed to be doing such negligble damage (dwarven troops and rangers) that it was taking 5+ minutes for 1 set of dwarven riflemen and 3 groups of rangers to kill the 1 group of troops on the wall i had selected them to attack.eventually the victory sign appeared are the requirements for victory to destroy all enemy troops ?

I understand this game has a small development team which is why i am willing to let it slip my mind in the hopes the pathfinding and general AI is being worked on as a high priority.Just wanted to share my first experience in the hopes it will alert the dev team to work on this before the increase of players you are expecting due to marketing.

also a question, does the fire caused when destroying buildings damage troops ? as i took wardens to use downpour on the fires but downpour skill seemed to be blanked out during the battle.

EnglishPlayer 05-12-2013 06:38 PM

i have a lot of similar issues, and was actually going to make a post about this myself to see where it was on the Dev's priority list. The UI in general is unresponsive; i find it takes several clicks to get units moving sometimes. looking closely at my melee units, even on the front lines they tend to just start standing around doing nothing. my hero managed to get stuck in the mountain terrain once when i was spam clicking him trying to get him to attack to get exp.

I noticed that the game can only process one unit move at a time. if i select them all then click somewhere you can really see only one battalion move forward, a pause, a second battalion starts moving, another pause, the third battalion moves, and so on.

as a result, i plan on avoiding pvp up until it gets fixed. I could deal with not getting any new content, no other bug fixes for a full month if only this issue was fixed. After all, what is an rts with lackluster combat?

Sunleader 05-13-2013 12:16 AM

Yeah currently the Pathfinding seems to be unable to actually to manage closed spaces.
When your Marshing an Army near an Wall the Pathfinding assigns spots for each Unit of which some are inside the Walls.

The Unit itself seems to be doing the Movement Check and then notices it cant move into the Walls which makes this Unit stand Idle instead ^^
Tough thats only my unqualified hunch on it :)

I hope they give some priority to the Pathfinding Update soon.
Its one of the biggest Issues in DoF by now.

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