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Gwydion 05-12-2013 04:05 AM

What would YOU like to see added community?
I have noticed that when we have MOD meetings that, even though there's only a few of us... we come up with some really awesome ideas and many of them actually take form into what your playing right now... that said what would YOU as a community like to see most?

Don't blow this off because when I started playing this game like two years ago (when I was still trying to figure out how the $%# you went about building a windmill!) I gave Kon A few minutes of my time and really told what I thought about the game and quite a few of my suggestions made the cut and are in the game that we all play now. So trust me when I say he really will take a good idea and run with it. For example... The old cities outer wall used to be the inner wall it has now... and nothing even existed outside your cities walls AT ALL before (imagine how small your cities would be!) and now that's clearly not the case.

A couple of guidelines (I'd like to see)

Don't rant on about something... if your going to make a big post about why you think an idea you have is great... take the time to explain why not just because "it'd be cool bro"

Don't ask for dwarves, undead, or dragonkin. They are coming already. Ditto with magic, naval combat,and guilds/alliances. However suggestions about said things are fine, for example "dwarven cities should be underground" ( they are in case you didn't know! )

Don't ask for bug fixes, or things like "Better path finding and a nicer UI"

Ask for actual things/concepts/ideas, you'd like to see in the game that stimulate some brain cells. Even contact me in-game if it comes to mind quickly enough.

So go on... Stimulate my cells baby... Stimulate hard.

EDIT: OH and please keep it realistic... This ain't SEGA or EA. You can't request sync kills or something like that ... there's a small family of people who work on this game, not a giant company.

That all said... I'll go first with just something short and simple I'd Like to see: More city slots.

Warbs 05-12-2013 06:35 AM

Firstly a kick starter campaign would be great for the game and development team to really help get peoples ideas into reality then some of the more unrealistic ideas can become a little more realistic.

more options for micro managing towns/citys

Circle around selected troops showing the attack range

The ability to place your own buildings and walls and have defensive structures would be great (i'm not sure if this would be possible) it would add another layer of strategy to the game and each attack would be different as each players base layout would be a new challenge with each attack.

but the major thing right now for me would be a kickstarter campaign which could potentially bring in a couple of hundred thousand plus more for the dev team.

Aeil 05-12-2013 10:08 AM

I posted mine in the suggestions area, and some of them are not possible, but as you asked:

Farming NPCs – Atm almost all NPCs you meet when entering any region are lvl 1 with the highest I have seen being lvl5 ( this may have been on a quest though), I think this should be raised or even scale to your level.
City raids – It would be interesting if NPC’s raided our cities with the strength of the raid being based on the defenses in the city, this would give meaning to fortifications and troops even when you have PVP protection on.
Automated caravans – These could leave your city on a regular basis taking excess resources but should be subject to attack by both players and NPC’s.
Unit design – I would like to be able to design my own units with weapons and armour I have researched and manufactured, this one is probably wishful thinking though.
Range indicator – ranged units should have an overlay that shows the extent of their range, preferably one that can be switched on and off.
Patrols - Could we set units in our home city to carry out patrol sweeps, this would give a more immersive feeling and an active city, ideally it would have tied into NPC raids to protect mining nodes.
Sending resources - Sending resources to another player should take a caravan, atm it's instant and easy with no risk. Could we also gift them troops?
Competitions - I think it's great that Hi11zone gives stuff away all the time but in other games, WOT, they seem to get a lot of buy in for player competitions, this could also be tailored to help out on the game i.e. write a quest story line, design a unit, write a guide or even provide sound bites etc.

And some new ones:

Group formations: I would like my groups to stay and be able to be orientated in the formations I place them in i.e. spears to the front, archers to the rear and flanked by swords or Cav.
Hero Quests - People might become more attached to their hero's if there were specific quests that didn't involve their armies

Puschkin 05-12-2013 12:26 PM

Maybe new buildings or units, "human" or monster like dragoons I don't know... Why not add some troops of goblin in the shop like dwarves?

Some craft in our city? Like some games who you have to craft items for being better or finish some quest, why not some specials stones, wood or pieces of stuff for "updgrade" our heroes?
Stuff can updgrade health, attack, armor, cure, heal, etc... And it will be fun to have heroes with strong armor with dragoon's bone or anything else. Item for crafting this stuff can be droped by dragoons, ogres, battle against other races :)

Just few ideas but maybe good things and new objectives in long time for "old players".

Holywizy 05-12-2013 12:37 PM

I quite the game for now I find it to have to many bugs yet ! But I m checking th forum and collecting my Daily regular so I m not 100% off.

There is one BIG think that bother me to the death is the Dragon cost 120 crowns, cost few millions gold to bring to lvl 60, take 10 pop in army and they die in matter of seconds..... in pvp ...... This is wrong ! I want to delete all my dragons b/c how useless they are and they taking up my army space but I Can't bring myself to that b/c I kind off still have hop for this game.

Gwydion 05-12-2013 11:08 PM

Warbs.. that is already in the works as far as kickstarter goes... placing your own buildings and walls especially is not doable because of the fact you could make endless layers of walls. I liked the rest!

Aeil.. many good ideas there... any many of those are actually being worked on right now.

Pusch.. That sounds like a lot of code... i like the idea... but that might be a possibility AFTER kickstarter has taken off.

Holy... in our meeting today we discussed dragons in detail for a bit... they are getting reworked and i think everyone will enjoy them now.. Trust me, and im not talking about the fact that they never die either :D As far as bugs go.... the game has made vast improvements especially in the bug squashing department... but as we add more things and tweak things, bugs do occur sadly. We try our best to fix and make the game enjoyable as possible.

Warbs 05-13-2013 08:40 AM


Originally Posted by Gwydion (Post 80427)
Warbs.. that is already in the works as far as kickstarter goes... placing your own buildings and walls especially is not doable because of the fact you could make endless layers of walls.

There could be a limit on the amount of wall pieces available to combat that issue.

madmaiden 05-13-2013 03:54 PM

hi guys I would love to see more tactics in battle like archers on a hill getting a range bonus. 2 water like steams slowing units movement down 3 hiding in woods to ambush units 4 flanking units get bonus dmg . 5 maybe fleeing units if taken heavy loss's thing like that could make battle more fun and get the brain cells working overtime.

P.S I would just like to say I love the game and I love what you guys are doing with this little gem and you MOD and DEV are awesome you rock guys :cool:

Gwydion 05-14-2013 01:52 AM

thats mad :D and maybe one day we can try to give it a whirl warbs!

Hi11Zone 05-14-2013 02:04 AM

:D :D A lot of these great ideas are planned or already in the works, and so much much more!;)

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