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Warbs 05-10-2013 02:54 PM

UI and Quality of life changes
Firstly purchased the game today and am really enjoying myself thus far.Well done to the team.

My current major gripes are the UI as at it is very bare bones it would be great to have options such as lists of buildings that has all information about each building in one place where you can easily see what needs upgrading and such without the need for checking each building individually.

UI improvements -

Upon building completion a icon alerting you to it's completion and maybe some building info and the ability to 'go to' the building similar to that of the total war games.

Ability to see a building overview see what buildings you have what upgrades they require what level they are and such all in one place.

Ability to have a population overview, similar to above but for villagers to see what they are all doing (and armys) from one panel.These would both be posotive Quality of Life changes in my opinion.

Across the board refining of the UI as currently quest texts runs off the page where it becomes unreadable and the occasional NPC name (longer npc names) will run into the quest text making a portion of the quest text unreadable.

The quest system, i appreciate the effort taken with presenting an RPG style of giving and delivering quests but i believe a simpler system such as just clicking the npc and the quest text pops up (similar to an mmorpg) would be much better than having the whole camera change and such (the current system doesnt really help the immersion due to the character models and such, not that im insulting the models as for a RTS they are perfectly fine just not when you are placed in an RPG style scenario with them)

Check some a game named Clash of Clans(iphone/ipad) currently the highest grossing app on the app store and has the same concepts as dawn of fantasy in terms of gameplay and direction.

Thanks for reading.


Warbs 05-10-2013 03:00 PM

Also to add to this when starting a town it would be better to have the stats for your choices clearly shown seperate from the lore text. In its current position i found it a little irritating scrolling to the bottom of the lore text alot of people would probably not even realise the stat canegs that happen based on your trait choices etc.

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