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Aeil 05-07-2013 03:31 AM

Brain Dump
First of all I have only really been playing for a couple of days but I am enjoying it so far and think it is a good game. I have made a few notes on areas that I think would be good, but I have only played the Elves so far. I have no idea which are easy so I have just listed them all.

1. Group formations - when you group some units together they should stay in the formation that they were in when the group was created i.e. Sentries in front with Rangers at the back etc.
2. Orientation - I would like to be able to point both my units and groups in certain directions, this would bring a more tactical aspect to battles.
3. Ogres – It is too easy to get an army of Ogres from Bal Rattha and level them against wolves and goblins, in a couple of hours I had half a dozen lvl10 Ogres.
4. Farming NPCs – Atm almost all NPCs you meet when entering any region are lvl 1 with the highest I have seen being lvl5 ( this may have been on a quest though), I think this should be raised or even scale to your level.
5. City raids – It would be interesting if NPC’s raided our cities with the strength of the raid being based on the defenses in the city, this would give meaning to fortifications and troops even when you have PVP protection on.
6. Quests – We need more :P Even standalone quests, these could even have consequences i.e. being asked to attack NPC cities that you may or may not be allied or trade with. Not completing the quests could cost you resources and crowns.
7. NPC Alliances – These seem rather easy to get and so far none has cost me more than 5000 gold which I can make in one NPC raid.
8. Automated caravans – These could leave your city on a regular basis taking excess resources but should be subject to attack by both players and NPC’s.
9. Unit size – When forming an army cavalry and infantry both cost one space, as does an Ogre, I think this should be tailored to give a more strategic and specialised element to forming an army.
10. Morale – units need morale
11. Unit design – I would like to be able to design my own units with weapons and armour I have researched and manufactured, this one is probably wishful thinking though.
12. Range indicator – ranged units should have an overlay that shows the extent of their range, preferably one that can be switched on and off.

That’s probably enough for now and I have no doubt you have already thought of some of these anyway,

Konstantin Fomenko 05-07-2013 10:11 AM

Thanks the for the kind words and to answer some of your questions/points.

1. Part of the coming up Pathfinding update
1. Part of the coming up Pathfinding update
3. It is easy and rewarding - any activity outside of the homeland usually is, by neutral regions are especially
4. Very good idea. We need to scale this.
5. Unfortunately that`s not possible, but player attacks are aplenty.
6. With time we`ll keep on on adding more quests, but this is not a priority - as other more important features are coming in first. Make sure you get through quest storyline for each of the three races for now - all quests are unique there.
7. We might increase the price a little bit
8. Something I really want to see, but might be a while, as it is a bit of work.,.
9. Can`t agree with you on this one. Our units are balanced to match up against each other very well now. Dragons and super powerful heroes do take from 3 to 8 army spots though.
10. Won`t work well in DoF. We will have units with low hit-points running away eventually, but not really morale like in Total War.
11. Yeah...:(
12. Also not possible, at least for now:(

Aeil 05-08-2013 04:42 AM

Lol, I thought number 11 wouldn't be possible, but if you don't ask you don't get as my Mum says, she also says "Askers don't getters" go figure ;)

You can probably tell by my suggestions but I'm not a big PVPer so I'll be buying lots of attack protection, I did think of another couple of ideas though and I might start an army to give PVP a go:

1. Patrols - Could we set units in our home city to carry out patrol sweeps, this would give a more immersive feeling and an active city, ideally it would have tied into number 5 to protect mining nodes.
2. Sending resources - Sending resources to another player should take a caravan, atm it's instant and easy with no risk. Could we also gift them troops?
3. Competitions - I think it's great that Hi11zone gives stuff away all the time but in other games, WOT, they seem to get a lot of buy in for player competitions, this could also be tailored to help out on the game i.e. write a quest story line, design a unit, write a guide or even provide sound bites etc.

GooberLord 05-08-2013 04:07 PM

Competitions would definitely invigorate the player base of the game, and definitely expand it and the game.

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