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djradox93 05-05-2013 04:10 PM

Units stuck in green shadow every time

Since I bought this game, i had only problem with your game i'm becoming really really REALLY FED UP with this unfinished game i bought 20 euro, that was wrote nowhere CAREFULL GAME NOT FINISH

First was installed in steam & got best freeze i ever had when i click to move unit pack, something like unbelievable freeze for dat kind of graphism, someone told me to install it by installer here, i did it & freeze gone but was a few hours before the patch AND NOW

Every game ---> I make an attack quest then back to city & all unit stuck in green shadow i can't restart this stupid game every quest - All my drivers are up to date i have a quad 3.2 ghz + 6870 hawk - Tried clean uninstall reinstall so many times so many many times and this still remain, unit stuck in green units - Since i bought it i spent more time on internet looking for info on bug instead of playing, for 20 EURO ??? r u kiddin me ? I want this game to be REFUND STEAM never told me that i bought an alpha game i'm ****in fed up with this kind of things, war Z, dOF ! Can you finish your game before release it ? when you buy a single you have the end of your music right ? Ok i have a game unfinished i need a dev to mp me & refund me dat ****

Nobodave 05-06-2013 07:07 AM

a) Wasn't it a "Greenlight" game? Those are mostly games being developed by small indie teams

b) Small indie teams, just like huge mainstream devs, can make mistakes. Consider the massive pile of stinking FAIL that is "Sim City" (worst pathfinding ever, zero challenge, many features not working for large cities), or take a look at what state some of the Gothic RPGs were released in, etc.

Releasing anything - even the tiniest update to localization - is always inherently dangerous.

So it was possibly a bad decision by the dev team to patch DOF on a Friday and then leave the board unattended over the weekend, and I hope they learn from the mistake. (MONDAY, guys, One releases patches on MONDAYS because then your developers and customer support guys will actually be at work when things start exploding.)

... but one can overdo it with the criticism. I've spent more money on far worse games, numerous times, including uh "Agrar Simulator" (cheap bull**** ripoff of Farming Simulator), Mass Effect 3 (an hour of non-interruptible waffling followed by 10 minutes of combat followed by more waffling), I even nearly bought the new Aliens shooter.

c) Since this bug is all over the forum, I expect the devs are already trying to find and fix it. I'm kinda hoping for an update before the weekend ... only that would go against a "NO UPDATES ON FRIDAY" policy

ZvonimirG 05-06-2013 08:15 AM

As i said on other thread, i'm really sorry for inconvenience and all the issues you are experiencing.

For start - this game is being developed by small team, and they are doing everything to make this game better every day. Yes, there are bugs and issues but fixes for them are being released on daily basis.

About refund - i think you have to contact Steam support for that.

About units - try to put them in army, also try the usual stuff like revalidating game files. Also, posting log.txt files (located in game folder) would be helpful.

Konstantin Fomenko 05-06-2013 11:36 AM

Guys - we are looking into this and will have a solution later tonight or tomorrow morning. Really sorry about this - somehow this slipped into our last Patch # 10, and have effected over 4% of players.

Nobodave 05-07-2013 04:35 PM

You fixed it, and just about in record time as well - thank you!

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