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Aeil 05-05-2013 04:13 AM

Noob questions, again (Now with answers)
So I bought the game ages ago but really only started playing yesterday and I've got a few questions if that's ok?

I'm playing as Elves in the forest and seem to be doing not too bad so far but it seems I still have a lot to learn.

1. How do I complete the quest defending your homeland? Do I need to finish every section of walls even around the outpost trees?
2. When I go on NPC raids, I finally figured it out, some places just have a ring of walls and some flags, do I just send a warden near them to pick up whatever is in there?
3. If I have gold mine near an outpost can I build a building there to save my workers walking all the way back to the main tree?
4. Can I recruit Dwarves without using crowns?

I think that's enough for now.

Thanks in advance


P.S. Anyone else in the forest feel free to send me a friend request and we can make a NAP

Edit: Just thought of another one, Once the wall building is complete can I add extra walls and towers?

Nobodave 05-05-2013 04:21 AM

1 Not sure. In my previous game, I'd completed the orc wall and stocked it with some 25 units before the quest even showed up, and the quest remained open despite full storage. Possibly the quest will complete only after attack protection runs out?

2 You mean walls around green shimmering stuff, or around a campsite with bodies?
Some maps have healing wells on them, and the flags you're seeing may be your units' destination flag.
... also some oger groups have picknick grounds that look a bit like that. If your troops start dying fast, click "World Map" to escape :-)

3 Depends on your race:
Humans can build a minecart and just park that near the mine/forest. Workers will drop off stuff there.
Humans also have a building that serves as a drop-off point (barn or shed I think).
Elves magically teleport resources so no need.
Orcs can build huts, each one is a valid drop-off point if I remember right.

4 Note sure, but you might want to send an army to a dwarven area, set up a tent camp (so bring some gold) and see if you can recruit anything.
(I tried Ssilistra but the camp couldn't recrit anything, and I fled when I saw a dragon)

Aeil 05-05-2013 11:59 AM


Thanks for the answers.

With NBD's points above and some more time in the game I can provide some more answers:

1. The quest needs you to finish your first set of stone walls, this took me quite a while. You also need an alliance, I'll get to this later.

2. Still not sure on this one but Hi1zone's post in general gives you some good tips for farming resources.

3. As NBD said, Elves don't need to bother but if you are using Dwarven miners then I suggest hiring some human resource cart mercs and parking them next to the mining node.

4. Doesn't seem to be possible, I can only hire mercs in human, Orc and Elven lands.

I've also found out some other points that almost everyone will know but new people like me might find useful, spoilers, sort of, below:

1. To get an alliance with an NPC city you need a relation score of +5, you get this by giving gifts in the diplomacy screen, I got the following:

- Gift of 1500 gold = +2 relations = trade agreement
- further gift of 2500 gold = +3 relations giving a total of +5 = alliance

2. You can farm NPCs on the world map by pressing the magnifying glass icon, you need to be out of range of cities. This takes you to a tactical map with various friendly and enemy encampments and patrols. Some regions give good experience, others like wolves give good early gold. Use these to train your elite units as well as your normal units.

3. You can hire other species mercs in any town you have a trade agreement.

4. Treants, Orcs and resource carts all carry 500 resources each, more than the 200 for Wardens.

5. You can send resources to anyone you are friends with, this doesn't seem to take a trade caravan but I suggest it should.

6. Be very careful with special units, if they die then are gone for good.

7. If your leader dies he will respawn at level 1, use the NPC farming to train him up to help him survive.

Do any mods think it would be good to have a hints and tips stickie?

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