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Walter8724 04-28-2013 11:09 AM

keep talking about balance in the units
hi all, yesterday I face a jeugo player, and this one had 3 heroes level 60, I had to retire because if I killed my 300 men. as it might be up 300 for 3??? I understand it's fun to see the hero standing against other units, confronting a number of enemies at once, but this seems too much.

Laradon 04-28-2013 12:44 PM

Heroes suck if they have to face lvl 20 Melees, it just works on a bunch of low lvl units. In high end battles they serve more purpose as lvl 10 buff units you dont really do actual combat with. My favorite words these days are, "dont PvP with non-maxed units", imo its better to have a few lvl 20s then an army of 10ths. They are highly specialized, either dealing alot more damage or being alot tougher, well one of em costs as much as an army of 10ths too. One of those lvl 60 heroes was probably worth way more then all of your 300 men. They are worth way more then lvl 20 melee squads too and a few lvl 20 melee squads can take em out. So in terms of Win/Loss It's actually ok. 3 Squads of lvl 20 spears (worth like 20-30k each) can take out an Lvl 60 Royal Dragon, too (worth 300k gold and 120 crowns).

So if you expect to win with your army against 3 lvl 60 units he spend like 1/2 million gold and 90 crowns on, it would be kinda unfair wouldnt it be? And yet the game makes it possible for you to defeat those heroes with an army worth 200k gold and 0 crowns if you had invested it correctly.

That brings up an interesting idea -> maybe adding a price tag to an army will help make it easier for new players to decide if they should pay out or not and what they are really facing. Like 300(worth 50000gold) vs 300(worth 600000gold), you would instantly know that you are facing sthg more advanced right?

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