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GooberLord 04-26-2013 05:20 PM

Generating Novel Battle Maps
From giving the players the editing tools necessary to create their own maps, this idea may already have occurred/is being implemented in the near future. However if it is not, I want to say that the development of new maps for neutral/PvP battles would be a good near-term goal.

Fighting on the exact same map over and over again gets a bit tedious, very quickly. With terrain of all types to explore and potentially exploit (I hope there will be terrain/weather specific effects on units sometime in the future to consider), it would be a shame to limit players to just a handful of maps to play on.

I think it could be solved by either a lot of effort by the developers to make tons of little maps and detract from their efforts to otherwise improve/build on the game, OR the more fun way would be to have the community, already very enthusiastic and eager, to make most of them.

Having a few community contests for the best maps for whatever region would steadily increase the number of maps available for all players to play on. Then when a player was in a certain region and ran into a battle, they could have the chance to play on Map A, B, C, D, E... and so on for however many maps existed for that area. Definitely would increase the long-term interest of players to not only play the game for varied battles, but also involve the community in the making of significant parts of the game - freeing up developer hands and giving the players something else to get excited about.

It would be up to the developers to choose which maps worked, as any obvious imbalances in terrain or nonsensical doodad choices would have to be considered (like a cactus in a swamp or whatever), but I bet the players can make and perhaps have already made really awesome maps that should be in the game for everyone to enjoy. And the only part aside from implementing an easy system of loading in new maps and placing them in the game for the developers would be to give the thumbs up to those maps.

Also: This idea could apply to Player City maps too, since I move that there be a lot more variation there especially for players to navigate.

SadClown 04-27-2013 03:40 AM

That's a great idea. Giving random maps some sort of mini castles guarded by NPCs would aswell be fun, because you could kill them and garrison in to resist the opponent's charge.

Brian Shingles 04-27-2013 09:30 AM

The regional maps for View and army vs army PvP are randomly put together from smaller map segments. There aren't a huge amount of map segments for each region, which is why the maps start to look similar.

If players want to design new map segments that fit in with the region, I'm sure we could include some of the better ones in the game.

A competition for this might not be a bad idea. I'm sure we can run one in the near future.

This is a segment used in Southmont. It has some markers on there for spawning creeps and setting AI patrol paths.

This is an example of a map segment with a small fortification that might appear randomly as well.

If anyone wanted to play around with designing something, as long as the map is the same size as these ones, has the same edge elevation and uses the same terrain texture, it will fit in with the other map segments we use.

GooberLord 04-29-2013 05:46 PM

Would you be able to make these rules in the Scenario Design Forum so people could start generating those maps? Or maybe announce a competition in the near future as a forum-wide Announcement so all these active players might know about it?

If/When you do make such an announcement, you ought to point to those great map-making tutorials you have in that forum, plainly lay out the qualifications for particular maps (size limits, region terrain restrictions, etc), and say what little rewards would be available for those whose map(s) are selected to be incorporated. Then give players a few weeks to generate content and see just how much there will be made!

Also, it was an aside before, but I feel it is extremely important too, that you should have a specific map-generation competition for City terrain. It may be more complicated in some regards, but variation there would be delightful to players in the long run (more customization = happier players I believe).

Brian Shingles 04-30-2013 08:46 AM

We will make an announcement later this week or early next week, with all the requirements and links to appropriate guides/tutorials.

We'll post in the Scenario Design Forums, in Steam discussions and via newsletter so as many people know about this as possible.

As the files have a relatively small size we should be able to include several new designs for each region.

We will likely offer Crowns to the designer of any map we include in the game.

City design is a bit more complicated, but we'll look at what we can do to add in more customization.

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