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Highlander_FTW 04-24-2013 11:47 PM

Gr8 new game i found <3 Flight Sim in space + dogfights

Free to Play on steam - Normally when i see F2P title i read is as pay to win, and while in most cases this is correct - not this time - But later on that, lets look at some gameplay for now:


So as you can see graphics and mechanics are good in this game, we have collision.

Game puts a strong push on team play, but dont worry tier 1 battles are just fun, and if you have like 10% skill you will win 90% of them.

few words about premium, or freemium as some call it -

You can buy premium "time" you will get more ingame money for it and more faction rep 50% or so

You can buy premium ship - but be warned that they are much weaker than normal equivalent.

Eg, less hp,speed,passive boost - much les im afraid, only thing they are good for is Money

Non premium tier 1 battles give you 40 000 - 100 000 per battle (90 000 for a t1 ship)

T2 battles vary from 60 000 to 200 000 (650 000 for a t2 ship) and so on and so on.

now something new....

you can gear up ur ship and there are few ways to do it:

Mark 1 <- stock, you get it with the ship and its not so bad and its not the best.
Mark 2 <- buy from shop for ingame currency better than mark 1 and u will be using it for a long time

Mark 3 <- Faction reward -level up ur faction by just playing the game best money can buy

Premium <- tad weaker than mark 3

Eperimental <- only droppable post battle for winners if ur lucky - cant buy them but they are best ingame.

Hope to see you ingame

My ingame name is Highlander

I made a clan and still have some spots left "Khorne Berzerkers" [PWNT]

Cya ingame!

buddhist23 04-25-2013 09:58 PM

I want to command a giant space ship with multiple players manning the turrets. Possible or no? Massive time investment needed or no?

DTACFrostfire 04-25-2013 11:45 PM

Looks abit like EVE? o.O

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