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Konstantin Fomenko 04-23-2013 09:42 PM

PATCH # 9 - Balance Part II
In our past patches we`ve concentrated on bug fixes, but now we think the time is right to change our focus and rework the game balancing from the ground up. Thanks for our community feedback, and especially help from community moderator Vicious - we are proud to present our new patch - with impressive list of balancing changes. We plan to continue balancing the game next week - reworking abilities, formations, unit upgrades and fixing numerous issues and exploits................................

Patch # 9

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Fixed major issue with units not showing correct upgraded stats on the Homeland.
-Fixed issue with occasional unfair PvP match-making
-Fixed major issue with unit Resistance value sometimes reaching 100%
-Upgrades to leveling system - more upgrade room for Heal, Damage, Health, but with less effect per skillpoints
-Greatly nurfed Area of Effect healing - healing plays minor role in PvP now
-Palisade gates can be attacked by all units, while large town gates can only be attacked my rams, dragons and Ogres.

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Fixed Elven cavalry Stone formation bonuses
-Added "Disable Right-Click Drag" to Gameplay Settings
-Possible fix for elves getting stuck in formation transition

:::::Major Balance Adjustments:::::
-Ogre +2600 hp +100 stamina +30 slash res +15 crush res, +100 crush dmg
-Dragon FireBall costs increased to 80 stamina points
-Dragon FireWall cost greatly reduced to 40 stamina points
-Dragon Flying cost greatly reduced to 20 stamina points
Human infantry formations:
-Shield Wall speed malus reduced to -20 +5 crush res
-Tight Formation -5 slash res +10 crush res
-Battle line formation -10 pierce res +5 slash res speed malus reduced to -20 slash dmg +10
-Anvil formation +5 slash res +15 crush res + 10% slash and magic dmg
-Loose formation +10 speed +5 pierce res
-Line formation +10 slash pierce crush dmg speed malus reduced to -10
-Schiltron formation reduced speed malus to -30 slash res -10 crush res -10
Human cavalry formations:
-Wedge formation speed bonus +10 crush res +20 +10 trample dmg
-Line formation -30 trample dmg +20 slash dmg +20 speed bonus
-Loose formation +10 speed bonus -40 trample dmg +5 pierce res
-Cavalier diamond formation +60 slash dmg +25 crush res run/walk speed +25 +70 trample dmg
Human ranged formations:
-Tight formation +15 crush res movement speed malus reduced to -10
Human abilities:
-Pray +100 range -20 stamina cost
Orc infantry formations:
-Battle stand formation reduced speed malus to -20
-Turtle stand formation +10 slash res +10 crush res +25 pierce res reduced dmg malus to -20 reduced speed malus to -30
Orc cavalry formations:
-Battle stand formation +5 slash res +20 crush res +10 slash dmg +10 crush dmg
-Serpent stand formation +5 pierce res +10 run and walk speed removed self trample dmg
Orc ranged formations:
-Scorpions stand formation -10 pierce dmg reduced speed penalty to -60 +10 slash res +10 crush res -25 range
-Battle stand formation +25 pierce res -10 pierce dmg +10 range
Orc abilities :
-Cover -15 slash res -15 pierce res +10 crush res +20 duration -10 stamina cost
-Charge -10 stamina cost +25 slash dmg +5 duration
-Evasion +23 duration -10 pierce res -20 stamina cost
-Tribal heal -40 stamina cost
-Leap -15 stamina cost +25 range +50 crush dmg +100 pierce dmg
-Rage increased health drain to 40/sec +15 duration -10 stamina cost +180 crush dmg
Orc units:
-Ogre +2800 hp +100 stamina +30 slash res +15 crush res +20 pierce res +100 crush dmg
Elf infantry Formations:
-Wind style formation +0,5 slash crush pierce dmg +0,5 walk/run speed
Elf ranged formations:
-Wind style formation +1,0 range +0,5 pierce dmg
Elf abilities:
-Tackle -5 sec duration -10 stamina cost +70 crush dmg
-Whirlwind range +35 -30 stamina cost +150 slash dmg
-Frenzy +15 pierce res -5 slash +5 crush res +10 sec duration
Shared abilities
-Fire arrows +25 dmg
-Ligh heal/heal potion -20 stamina cost

Hi11Zone 04-23-2013 10:00 PM

Glad we got more pvp fixes in! :):)

LorD_ShAdE 04-23-2013 10:21 PM


Originally Posted by Hi11Zone (Post 79371)
Glad we got more pvp fixes in! :):)


GPS51 04-23-2013 10:45 PM

I need a schematic to read that string of balancing :p

axal011 04-23-2013 10:57 PM

Great work!

forandever 04-24-2013 05:05 AM

PLZ...PLZ. let us re- attribute skill points of Heroes n Dragons or any crowned units whenever u patch the balance of units

Or make the skill points reattribute items on the shop

inkflowsthrume 04-24-2013 06:50 AM

good to see more improvements continually on their way ^^

PGoslingaDoF 04-24-2013 07:22 AM

thanks happy to see progress ingame :)

Konstantin Fomenko 04-24-2013 02:52 PM

We are adding ability to reset unit skill-points in the next patch - although looks like this will only be this weekend. Really sorry for the delay guys:(

Laradon 04-25-2013 08:24 PM

Well played after the balancing with the elves alot. All is fine but one thing. Whirlwind of Bladestorms mutated into an _I-WIN_ button. You rush into the enemy army with your grandmasters and bladestorms, Grandmasters shielding the Bladestorms, then once the Bladestorm mingle with every unit of the enemy you hit Whirlwind and they just drop like Flies. Units dont get damaged, they disappear instantly . Whole squads of dwarven rifleman or archers or even low lvl Melees, they just disappear instantly and your green victory bar jumps an awesome amount with each time you hit whirlwind :D. Funniest thing was, when 1 single bladestorm, not a squad, but just one of the 16 of a squad was standing inside a squad of crossbowmen which were in that round formation and the whirlwind just droped em all. Thats just a bit too op. Make it more expensive in Energy, or less damaging pls.

Was also fighting a guy who had lvl 1 bladestorms, lots of em. He launched his Whirlwind on my lvl 20 Grandmasters with 90% resist active and I actually had to retreat with em. They were instantly red after a few whirlwind shots :D. Really a bit too powerful. You need really tough melees to block that stuff and if the enemy decides to launch it onto weaker units, they will drop.

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