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gnollmar 04-17-2013 06:40 AM

Warning for new mapmakers
Save often, and make backups of your save. I Just lost a level i had used 6 hours to make since the save became corrupt for no apparent reason.

Brian Shingles 04-17-2013 09:50 AM

Yes, we recommend saving often.

One possible source of corruption I know of is if you try to change the Environment Settings before the scenario is first saved it will sometimes make your file unusable.

Konstantin Fomenko 04-17-2013 04:52 PM

Also keep in mind the game automatically saves your map to YourMapName.dofbak file - as a backup, that you can rename to .dofscn and load up if something goes wrong. So do check that file

DTACFrostfire 04-17-2013 05:36 PM

i'm pretty good with editors, but the scripts thing is abit weird. I don't even know how to create a new script in DoF's editor XDD

Brian Shingles 04-18-2013 10:02 AM

@FrostFire - There is a beginners guide to scripting here.

It will walk you through opening the script editor and creating triggers.

Since the last time I sent you some info on the Editor, I've gone through some older posts and compiled a list of relevant links:

The Scenario Design Editor

The Scenario Design Editor Part 2

A Beginner's Guide to Scripting and Cinematography

A Beginner's Guide to Level Design

Coding intro

Tutorial 1: Editor Keyboard shortcuts and Editor.config

You can also look at the Tutorial scenarios for some examples of scripting

DTACFrostfire 04-21-2013 08:59 AM

Brian, if 1 makes a AWESOMELY awesome map, could it get added into the game? :D

Brian Shingles 04-26-2013 10:09 AM

If the map is awesomely, awesome enough, we might add it to the game as a quest.

Of course, it could just be shared with other players and they can load it as a custom scenario.

Hi11Zone 05-09-2013 12:11 PM

Hmm maybe we could make famous battle maps.. ideas ideas.

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